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Uploading your mods to the work shop


Hello everyone, today I will show you how to upload your mods to the steam work shop.

The first step is to prepare your files.

You will need two things: At least one picture of your mod, and a folder containing all the files for your mod.

The folder structure should be similar to this.

To make sure that other player’s Gamedata folder doesn’t look like a mess, I reccomend that the first folder has both your username and some way to identify the mod, like in the example I just shown.

Once this is done, start steam and go in library -> tools, and download the Automation Workshop Tool.

Once the download is finished, run the program.

The following window should appear.

Most of it should be fairly self explanatory. At first you probably won’t have any thing in the left most menu.

Highlighted in red are the tags that help search for things within the workshop. Simply select those that apply to your mods.

To upload your things, start by clicking “Pick path”, at which point a second window should appear.

Select the folder that you created earlier and select “ok”

Afterwards, add all the missing info and click submit in lower right corner.

After a few minutes, your mod should now be on the workshop.


thanks :slight_smile: i was going crazy serching how to update on workshop . very helpful :slight_smile:


Thanks for the explanation.


You saved me from a massive headache. Thanks! :slight_smile: