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Used car advertisements


Basically, we all make fake used car advertisements here. It can be in any form you want. Like a TV advertisement, a poster, or just like something you see on eBay or craigslist! I don’t even know why I created this tbh lol.


I will just start it with one of mine. A very crappy one indeed.


Can I just ask, how is this a challenge?


Someone already changed it to sharing


Year: 1978
Make: Petoskey
Model: Gran Romero
Trim: Interceptor
Engine: V8
Transmission: Automatic
Mileage: 689,671

Running condition unknown. Vehicle starts with a boost. Transmission will not go into second. There is a noticeable shimmy when the car travels above 25 mph. Loud growling noise when turning the wheel. Multiple tears in the upholstery. There is a distinctive smell inside the cabin, more noticeable when A/C is used. Vehicle pulls hard to the left when braking. Possible worn springs as the bottom of the vehicle will scrape the pavement when hitting a bump at speed.

Asking $400 O.B.O.