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Vehicle Body suggestions


How about this with the 90s Audi bodies? Would be the simplest way to get modern utes (and the modern Jaguar bodies could have this option too).

Also a four-door variant would be nice for things like the Subaru Baja.


Ford RS200? :wink:

I mean come on. Look at that beaut. Who wouldn’t want to fix Ford’s greatest blunder. And don’t you want the car that Clarkson crashed?


[quote=“thecarlover”]How about this with the 90s Audi bodies? Would be the simplest way to get modern utes (and the modern Jaguar bodies could have this option too).
Also a four-door variant would be nice for things like the Subaru Baja.[/quote]

Lol thats terrible, Flying Buttresses would work much good-er with a Ute bed cutout.


Oh I agree, it’s far from good looking :laughing: I came across that photo and it gave me the idea of a ute variant for the Audi bodies.




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So… yeah. Prius race car. That’s a thing.

Also, my car lineup will always need more K-tail hatchbacks.


After a little bit of thought, I’ve found another thing which could be nice to have: Cab-Forward trucks and vans. Call me strange, but I like the idea of having a vehicle with potentially a shorter wheelbase despite having a fairly large cargo capacity.

Could also use more vehicles with rear-engine mounting capabilities. Right now, it’s only a handful of old cars and the mid-engine bodies that can make use of the most unusual engine placement, and I’d like to see the list expanded. I could see a potential future car company based entirely around rear-engine cars trying to survive in the world as an interesting challenge.


I’ve wanted to make a rear-engine company before, and it’s hard with the low number of rear engine bodies. A VW Type 2 would definitely make a nice addition in that regard. I try to make as many as my bodies as possible rear-engined, but there’s only so much that works, really. A rear-engined SUV would be very strange… I guess not too unlike the 4x4 Japanese vans, but with the engine in the back.


I know Felgen has made a VW Bus, although I don’t remember if it’s available in a rear engined configuration.

As for other similarly designed vans, I know Kubboz has a WIP Toyota Hi-Ace like van.


I would like to see classic large 2 door suvs such as chevrolet k5blazer/gmc jimmy ford bronco dodge ramcharge very rare plymouth trailduster also 50s 60s 70s 80s early 90s cars truck world wide


You mean like a couple of the ones in the Steam Workshop and in the latest Open Beta?


um I guess I do not have the game my grafics do not suport it I plau at a friends house how about some pics of these


yeah, like wasn’t the 90’s S-10 Blazer made an official body?


Partario’s body hasn’t been made official, but there is a similar body with pickup variants that was added.


The Vanilla 90s Pickup was inspired by the 6th Gen Toyota Hilux, with 4Runner/Surf/ inspired SUV variants


For the US base we need more mid-late 40s car choices (small, mid size, and full size). At least 2 versions of each small, midsize, and full size for the early, mid, and late 50s as well as the 60s. As US cars changed so much in those times. Having a 57 X brand style in 1953 looks as much out of place as a 05 X brand being built in 1990 due to styling changes changed so rapidly in the 40s,50s, and 60s. When the US markets started using corporate designs and computer the styling for the most part became cookie cutter versions of the same thing. Starting in the 70s you could have more leeway in later-earlier designs, but before then it would look out of place.


I’d agree with that. Do you have any suggestions for paticular cars to copy?


As a rule of thumb I’d say a generified mash-up of models, but what I’d really like to see are the early american compact cars (Nash Rambler, Hudson Jet, Willys Aero, Corvair) and slightly downscaled versions that can double as both large and mid-sized european cars respectively since I believe that 1950s european cars are one of the more lacking diversity of bodystyles (There’s the Austin A30, the Cortina and the Mk.II Jag but two of them are rather specific designs and one is not very coherent with common 1950s styling). The 1949 Ford would be a very good starting point since the design is very simple and accurately reflects styling trends of the early 1950s as well as the fact that all european Ford divisions made their own downsized versions. And while we’re at it how about a Jeep Wagoneer/Gladiator?


We need an Audi R8/Honda NSX body or an Aston Martin/Jaguar F-type body. We need more supercars/GT cars! :stuck_out_tongue:

But on a calmer note, I think we should have some 4-door subcompact cars.