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The black patches happen when two vertices are occupying the same space. Welding all vertices with a max distance of 0 should fix this.


Montes and me I will desire a happy 2016!


(For my 1002 reply)

Which are the axis in the bones.lua respect the car?


In the bones file, Z is forward and back, Y is up and down, X is left and right.




Good news: the Huracan body is released into Workshop!


Due Steam Workshop doesn’t works well today, here is the standalone version:

huracan.zip (241 KB)


For my next body, I had a lot of ideas, but I can’t decide for one.

Which body you will in Automation?


I’d say 911-esque body for the late 90’s to early 2000’s


Seconded. (with mid-engined variant pls)


And a mid-size or luxury SUV to change a bit?


Sedans, Wagons and Hatchbacks would be appreciated (2000s-2010s)

Like a Mk.2 Focus or Mk.2 Mondeo.


My next project is a 1996 Range Rover (which didn’t really change until 2012) so any SUV not like that one could be good.


I’m thinking in the 2015 range rover (discarded because this is your proyect), the xc90 2016 or the new Audi q7.


If I may drop a suggestion: 2010’s midsize generic sedan, similar to the Honda Accord. Fill a gap we’re desperately lacking, which is sedans that fit the modern era.


European, jdm or usa model?




Or combination of the two? Give it the looks of the euro/jdm Accord, but make it the size of the USA model.


Personally, I’d vote for whichever one had the shorter wheelbase. Much as I appreciate the larger dimensions of the American version, I’d rather have a smaller car.


Many thanks for the not-Huracan body! It sure does fit some big engines EDIT (what was I thinking, this isn’t a small platform at all!)

Minor issues:

The rear morph actually goes so far that stamping fixtures on the rear causes them to go through the rear of the chassis.
I’m not sure what the lower front morph does, since it can protrude but the rest of the front bumper doesn’t move at all.
The rear window angulates funny if morphed forward far enough.

Aside from that, it looks smooth and elegant (as elegant as a Lambo can manage anyway). Great job!