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[quote=“UMGaming”]Vmo can you make a variant of one of the lmp1 car bodys to have a front end like this

If you would look the radiator, suspension struts, and firewall crossing the body…

My original design featured the front wing and the raised nosecone, but it featured this issues.


Have you resized the Huracan side vent yet? It’s too large to fit on anything except the large bodies, but has such great design potential.


And the lip please


Now, I’m porting some fixtures to UE4.


@strop Yep. It needs resize. Triying to do on UE4.
@squidhead ATM, on UE4 are available more lips. So, ATM i won’t make one.

Apologizes for the big delay.


The center of the diffuser isn’t on the center (look the axis)

Because ingame…


Is focused on the game, due to the theme of misaligned axes.

Can someone help me solve it, please?


I’m still stucked :upside_down_face:


What I can think of:

  1. Reset X-forms. You can collapse the item once it’s done.
  1. Make sure to offset the vertices in the UV mesh from their respective axes.


Thanks! I will try it!


I tried both things, and nothing.

With the X-form, I have the same issue.

And I checked the offset.


I decided to stop modding, ATM.

I will not carry the mods I had in KEE, due to lack of time, and problems with the process.

I’ll leave it for an indefinite time, but if things get back on, I’ll be back.

And if someone it finds capable, or would port one of my mods, send me a message :wink:


Good news!

I start modding again!

Yesterday I was modding a car body, but I have various troubles. So, if someone can help me, contact with me via PM, please. Thanks!


Maaaybe just write what problems you have, so anyone knowing a solution can help you instead of first writing to you with that question (and hoping that it’s a problem they know a solution to?)?


It is that they are enough problems.
Still, it’s true. I better explain it.

I follow the steps of the wiki, and I fail to check the maps (they give me dead vertices), and then, when importing into the unreal, the car comes out without the colors of the tutorial (and I loaded correctly the maps, as well as apply them), and also the car, turned down. And I checked the orientation, and it’s the same as that of the example car


If it looks just plain grey in unreal, you have to assign the materials on the left side of the window. Usually you only have to do that once and it will stay when you re-import different versions of the same model. If you have colors but not the checker-like pattern on the main body panels, then your UV map broke before it exported. As far as the car turned down (upside-down?), you checked to see if it is on the positive side of the Z-axis right?


The roof is pointing towards +z on 3ds Max.

But on the ue4, the car is upside down.


936step5_symmetry_resized.zip (284.3 KB)
That’s the 3ds max 2018 file, if someone wants to check it.


Are you designing an Australian car? Because that could be why it looks upside-down from up here.