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VW Beetle Silhouette


It’s not road legal. No it’s not actually a beetle.
This thing is a car for the track, racing in the FunCup championship these Vdubs are super fun to compete in.

The Endurance aspect of the championship is great, you get to drive with 1-3 other people (That’s 2-4 people per team) for atleast 4 hours at tracks all around the UK, as well as a round at Spa-Francorchamps (it isn’t a championship round)

The specs of the car are as follows -
Single seat (central) space frame chassis which is powered by a rear mounted longitudinal 1.8L 130bhp VW/Audi petrol engine. The power is given to the rear wheels by a Sadev Sequential gearbox (Available as stick or paddle shift)
The body is made of fibreglass so its all very light, the car only weighs 765kgs (dry mass) so its pretty nippy! Top speed is around 114mph in the tow down a hill on the limiter in 5th and its all good fun, redline is 7k rpms but you don’t want to rev the nuts off it too much because its bad for the engine so gear changes usually happen at around 6700.
The cars have fully adjustable suspension and race brakes, they also come with in car radio to communicate with the pitwall and Clerk of the course.

For me, this was the best entry to cars that I could of gotten, the prices are cheap because it’s split between the drivers (a team of three is usually around £26k for the year exc. damage)
There is loads of seat time available too, with 3 hours of practice on the Friday, then 50 minute “qualy” on Saturday morning there is plenty of time to get into the groove before the race. (The grids are drawn out of a hat so there is garunteed close and exciting racing)

The grids in the UK are around 30 cars, but when FunCup goes to Spa the grid is about 130 cars which is absolute madness and I wish I could go xD
Winners have to start from the back of the grid at the following round, this does cause a lot of excitement at the start of the race and usually there are some bold moves to get up into the podium spots.

I’m running out of pictures so I’ll find some more a bit later, for now more info.
There’s all kinds of people racing is FunCup, not long ago we had a F1 engineer come and compete. There’s also a large range of ages, I’m actually the youngest driver, starter and race winner there has ever been for the FunCup championship so that’s pretty cool, but there’s people who are over the age of 50 (my dad’s kind of age) who are only .5 seconds off the front runners which is pretty incredible! Everyone had a good laugh and I enjoy the banter in the briefings a lot actually.

I’ll find more pictures and give more info when I can, but for now I’m going to say, if anyone wants to come and see a race, just message me and I can get you free tickets!

(I might do a thread on looking for my first car as well, because I’ve nearly got one but damn have I had to look)

  • Riley


Seems like lighter but less powerful Spec Miata, looks like a blast!