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Wagenmacher H. S. v. Oranje & P. R. Urbino KG


This sort of is my thread for not quite over the top (or competition) cars which I put more than 5 minutes in creating and designing. Not in any particular order, not even time of creation.

In the - for germany - fateful year of 1888 on the even more fateful day of the 9th Novebmber, a young dutchman along with his half-italian colleague hand in the paperwork for their garage to become a registered workshop.

They call themselves H. S. van Oranje and P. R. Urbino, likely false names that just sound cool.

They have had found work in contracts issued by the Kaiser Wilhelm I. himself, and now, as the ‘Year of the Three Kaisers’ draws to a close, seek to utilize their established prestige to become independent entrepreneurs.

Over the years they have succeded in creating a stable company, even if it is rather limited in Production. They much more work as consultants to other industrial establishments, turning out actual production cars maybe once every five years.
During the Second World ███ , during which they seemingly continued as normal abroad, they have been rumored to have aided the creation of a state owned company called OMEGA, though nothing has been decisively proven.

Nowadays, Wagenmacher has a worldwide presence as a network of smaller production firms conceptualizing rather unusual cars and from time to time go after private contracts.

The badge of Wagenmacher is comprised of a fox scaling a ring, bringing life to the structual element.
the fox is fom Terrazis Animal Badge mod and the ring is an ‘O’

Car Company Directory


Affordable Performance




A 3 Liter Inline 5 developing 260 hp
shoot this AWD car with active suspension
around the world at break neck speeds

40.000 Euro



What you loose: 19hp, ESC, Holes in the front brake?

What you gain: 10.000 Euro


Rally Version:

325 hp, improved suspension, stripped out


Other Picture

~ April of 2001 Wagenmacher KG


The last two I can agree with, especially with the car’s light weight, but the first one might put some off - here’s why:

Early 2000s sports coupes were mostly about agility, and a big, long, all-iron straight-five in the nose hooked up to an AWD system skews the weight distribution heavily towards the front (at least 60% front to 40% rear). Besides, all that iron can’t be good for emissions reduction, no matter how much less it costs (including PU/ET) compared to aluminum or aluminum-silicon alloys. Also, 10,000 more Euros just to get an extra 20 horsepower? That seems like a daylight robbery to me. It looks decent, though, especially as a rally car.


well 20 hp is only half the story, you also loose 20 Comfort, Prestige, Divability and Presige and Safety
the rest I haven’t noticed before, guess that checks out :+1: exept emissions