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WE GOT TABLES!/Revise your text formatting, kids


Would it be possible to get the option to make tables in our posts here on Discourse? That would be an invaluable addition I feel many would use a lot, especially myself.

Item Comment
UE4 Port Progessing
Caswal's Sanity Leaving....


Uses html table tags:

    <td>UE4 Port</td>
    <td>Caswal's Sanity</td>


fantastic. Was that enabled just now or was I being a massive derp and doing it all wrong a few months back when I tried and failed?


What I’m missing though is font color. That doesn’t work with html tags, apparently.


you need to use BBcode for that I think
[ color=grey]text[/color] without the space after the first bracket
[color=grey]text[/color] :arrow_backward: that’s the second way


[color=green]thanks[/color] :+1:


Somewhat related - how to centre the text?


<div align=center>text</div>


Yay, thanks :slight_smile: That will be very useful.


@koolkei just helped me to this tool http://divtable.com/generator/
Seriously useful for anyone looking to make tables, don’t be an idiot like me and spend 30 minutes typing out the code for a 5x6 table

[color=#fc0]Thnx[/color], this is useful. And apparently you are able to use #rrggbb colors too.


Thankfully was just a checkbox that wasn’t ticked.



Thank you Zeussy!


Hmmm… Am I doing sth wrong, or did sth change in formatting? To be precise, I can’t make a header like I did before:


It should be big and bold, but it just leaves the text as it was, small and with the hash. Help?


It changed recently! Now you need to put a space after the hash.

Like so


Thanks :slight_smile: Any more changes I (we) should know?