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Weallon Automobiles


Weallon Automobiles

Weallon Automobiles is a French automotive company founded in 2016 by John Weallon. Headquartered in the hearth of Paris, the brand goal is to represent France in the highly competitive premium segment. Every Weallon stand apart from the competition thanks to best-in-class comfort, cutting-edge technology and luxury design.

Since 2016, the company worked hard to fulfill all these promises. To make sure every new car released would be at the expected level, John Weallon surrounded himself with the best engineers and designers. Various investors are making this adventure possible such as French businessman Serge Dissalt or French automobile manufacturer PSI group.

The beginning of 2020 will be the beginning of a new era for luxury cars in France after decades with no luxury brands. The brand is expecting to launch a lineup of 7 models including 3 sedans, 3 SUV and 1 sports car. The first-ever model of the brand, the W30, was unveiled the 15th of january 2020 after some teasing.

Teaser of the Weallon W30

Car Company Directory

Full Brochure


The nose brings to mind the current-gen Mondeo - and I love the W-shaped DRLs in the lower front vents; they set it apart from most other cars in its class.


A solid start and a good way to build a foundation, I’d say. I love the whole page ad presentation. However I don’t really feel like I’ve got a very good idea of the mechanicals of the car, a specs sheet might really help with that. Also, there’s no shots of the rear. Also, the price alone doesn’t give me a very good idea of this car’s equipment. You have some descriptions in the full-page ad which helps, however maybe some more pricing and trim levels would help.


Thanks for your encouragement ! I will update the presentation of the W30 with more data, i want to make something that look like a real documentation. I will try to release it this weekend and also update with the estate version of the model.


Now updated with full brochure for W30 and W30 SW (Please read it it took me 6 hours :sweat_smile: ). I am quite happy with the look of it.
Also added the expected product portfolio for the future. I will try to release a new model every week.