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Weird, Bad and Ugly Cars


I love the Citroen C3 17’
it looks really nice, kinda in the line of the Cactus, that I like too


Complex doors add to the WOW and that’s a big NEED


Something, something dont double post, just use edits and tags


Stutz? Somebody got Automation beta in the 50s? But really these cars look like somebody slapdashed a thing in automation without thinking too much :smiley:


Jesus christ the Jag E-pace interior has probably the least personality of pretty much any car in the last 30 years


Couldn’t they have at least stuck on some more chrome? It’s so empty!


Did they hire Volkswagen designers for that??


Citroen E-Mehari

It’s an electric little plastic 4 seater beach buggy from Citroën that’s actually a “Bollore Blue Summer” from another french company underneath, and if you take it in the sand without covering it, don’t worry, you can clean the whole car interior included with a hose.
And yes, you can actually go out and get one right now


Still a few steps up from the Renault Twizy. If this thing is at least mildly capable off road, it could create a little niche market.


Afaik it’s been marketed similiarly to the twizy, mainly to be rented by holiday makers but since this has four seats it actually works for that purpose, for a small family for example


I love the idea, to be honest

If the E-Mehari ends up being the autoshite of the future like the original Mehari above is now, then I’m all for it


That thing weighs nearly 3 times what the original weighs which is nearly as heavy as my Nissan pickup, with 24x7 tires. Good luck with that beach sand.


All that extra weight will also severely hamper its performance on tarmac, but at any rate I think the E-Mehari is more weird than ugly.


This is 100% real.


I’m sure some trust fund kid will get a kick out of it. For the 3 days they manage to avoid hitting any trees.




These new Dodge Rams are just weird


Ah, it’s just “Ram” now. Because reasons.


Serious answer - because Chrysler’s management is been going downhill ever since the Daimler merger. Why it was thought that a company which was producing some of the best American cars at the time like the Town&Country and the Neon needed to merge to survive is a mystery. Something about the death of the internal combustion engine according to Bob Eaton, then CEO… whatever. They’ve been foundering ever since and the creation of Ram as brand unto its own is an example of this - nothing more than thinly disguised attempt to make it look like they are doing new innovative things.

My personal tinfoil hat theory: Chrysler’s dwindling ability to make small and practical passenger cars is causing them to focus all their efforts on trucks, SUVs, and derpmobiles like the Demon. They are probably splitting off the Ram name, in order to give themselves the option of phasing out Dodge. This in turn would allow them to skirt United States EPA regulations in weird ways that are provided for due to how CAFE and the Gas Guzzler Tax work.


Maybe it’s related to that but I think it’s mostly because Dodge is becoming a ‘sporty’ brand and they want to make Dodge and ram separate so Dodge can make more sporty American muscle cars.

Also I really don’t know about calling the Neon good :stuck_out_tongue:


Fair, though I think the shortcomings are inherent to the era and less so to that specific model. I wouldn’t want to own most American cars between 1979 and 2009 because they went to shit with the gas crises and EPA crackdown. Us Yanks for a long time considered anything with less than 6 cylinders to be a crime against nature and by god if it did have six cylinders, they had better damn well have been in a straight line with no less than 4.0 L of displacement. We just couldn’t get our heads around small cars.

In fact we still can’t. Here’s one for the list of “Bad” cars:

"Now hold on just a quick second! YOU’RE INSULTING A 6TH GEN FIESTA!? How… HOW DARE YOU!"

Yes I know. I know the Fiesta ST is a thing and its the automotive journalists’ baby right now (or it was anyway). But there’s more to this story.

6th Gen Fiestas were sold with Ford’s PowerShift sequential / manumatic transmission. Only problem is, it sucks! Its prone rough operation and eventual failure due to software issues and faulty bearing and clutch packs, sometimes at intervals as short as 6,000 miles. This and the recall on the 1.6L Ecoboost engine due to fires and poor cooling on top of a less than stellar reliability record elsewhere earned the 6th Gen Fiesta a high rank on ConsumerReports’ list of vehicles to avoid in 2016.

Now a properly engined and optioned Fiesta with a true manual transmission will probably serve its owner well for years to come but you can’t pick and choose which trims and options your going to consider when you have to judge the car as a whole, particularly because options and trim levels cost money. Buyers shouldn’t have to pay more and know better ahead of time to avoid getting a lemon.