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Weird, Bad and Ugly Cars


For some reason when i look at the headlights, i have to think about the honda accord.


Is it me or does this Toyota concept look like it came straight from an early 2000’s motorshow?


2000’s horrorshow


Why do I like it


And now from the design of the FJ Cruiser to this. It’s as if they want to lose all the styling credit I gave them.


Were they trying to mimic the Ford Bronco Concept or something?


The Nissan Terrano-based Ford Maverick


A slightly different Nissan based Ford Maverick.


The 2017 Citroen C3. It’s too tall, like it tried to be a middle point between a hatchback and a crossover, and it looks like a constipated person.


Lest we forget the tasteful designs of Stutz


I’ll be honest, I do quite like these funky Citroens they’ve been making recently.



Stutz didn’t design shit. The guy responsible for all 1950s Chryslers did. Some business person then bought the rights to one of his designs (for a DUESENBERG revival) and called it a Stutz.


To me this is not so much ugly as weird, but the Kaiser-Darrin always looked odd from the front, with its disproportionately small, almost semicircular grille making it seem as if it were blowing a kiss at bystanders and other road users - not exactly the first impression its designers were aiming for.


It wasn’t that fast for its era either; its straight-six made only 90 horsepower, which didn’t seem like enough for a true sports car back then (and was too little for its high asking price). Apart from the strange front end, though, the rest of the car’s looks weren’t too bad at all… and its forward-sliding doors were unlike anything seen before or since.


It’s like they got to the grille and just gave up.


You say that but it’s design had some redeeming quirks

Doors that slide forwards! Granted it was a bit lopsided because they barely slid in far enough for anyone to get in, but who cares, SLIDING DOORS!


I suppose needlessly complex and/or impractical doors will always be cool…


Hell yeah!

(totally not an ugly, but probably the best example of needlessly complex doors)


Tesla Model X’s pigeon wing is pretty close, IMO


Now we need to be sure the next Doug car has wacky doors.