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We've been Greenlit!


I disagree, we’ve shown that 2.5 years were not enough to “kill hype”. I think bad game design, on the other hand, DOES. GearCity’s popularity comes with the territory. steamcharts.com/app/285110
It’s impressive for a one-man show, but doesn’t bring much excitement to the table, even though the economic simulation is at least solid.


Well, you guys are kind of revolutionizing this genre… That helps…


Awww stop it you :smiley:


Awww stop it you :smiley:[/quote]

Really, Gear City is just a 3D port of the old Detroit game.


Awww stop it you :smiley:[/quote]

Really, Gear City is just a 3D port of the old Detroit game.[/quote]

He’s right… This is one of those “So far beyond what anyone else has done” games… It’s not like its crazy future technology. Just a very modern games with, I’ll be honest, a genius engine designer component.

So I guess in a way, as a gamer… I’m saying “Thank you”. :mrgreen:


Awesome! That’s what we’re aiming for, good to know we’re doing OK :slight_smile:


But I prefer Automation for the best quality of graphics, the possibility to mod, and the ENGINES!!


ohh, i just want campaign so bad!


Why am I just seeing this? I was always looking for this game on steam before I actually made the purchase here. I would have voted for sure… but congrats anyway devs, can’t wait for the next major update.


hi i was wondering how to convert my key for steam? im a noob


It isn’t available yet, when the time to do it comes, it will be explained to everyone.