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We've been Greenlit!


Hi Automation folks!

As you know, we’ve got a Steam Greenlight Campaign going, and to be honest its exceeded all our expectations, having consistently been in the top 100 for over a month now.

Unfortunately at this point we’re only just holding our ground at #67, and slowly dropping down the ranks, only to return back to where we were every time a round of games is greenlighted.

Getting on Steam would be a major coup for us both from a publicity stand point, hopefully a financial standpoint, and will make it WAY easier for people to find and buy the final product.

If all of you who have Steam could please up vote our project and tell any friends you think might appreciate it to do the same that would be very much appreciated!



Update: We’ve been Greenlit! Thank you all for your support and votes, we’ve completed one big step towards the completed game! The final goal is to use your existing non-steam keys as a unique key to redeem an Automation steam key. The normal keys will continue to work if you don’t have steam, but once you redeem the Steam key, the original should become invalid. Thanks for all of your support guys!


as a loyal member to automation i did give u guys the greenlight as i am a steam user with 2 accounts so double for u!


Granted it took for ever because of the poor internet connection, but I finally managed to access my steam account and vote.

Edit: I also posted the steam greenlight on Facebook for all my car crazy friends and family. Hopefully they vote.


Voted! I’ll try to convince some friends to vote too !


It’s strange, it says I can’t vote because I don’t have the permission…


Huh… maybe log out of your steam account and back in?



Huh… maybe log out of your steam account and back in?[/quote]

I can translate by : Your account does not have privileges to perform this action. To have access to all the features of Steam, simply purchase a game on the Steam store, activate a gift on Steam, make a microtransaction or activate a boxed game on Steam.


Send me your Steam profile name in private and I’ll send you a gift, so you won’t have any trouble with that. :wink:


in my video due to go out in 4566 minutes I am supporting this game in it!!


oh my gosh, it has been a while since I’ve been on the forums, but really STEAM?!?!? You all are making so much bad ass progress. I wish I could have been around to see all the improvements :3. I’m super excited for the release. Hat tip, to the community and of course the developers!

I do not have an account on steam sadly, but I am seldomly active on your youtube channel! Going to be more active as it goes by.


Congrats on the greenlight!

I was wondering when there will be a release of some sort, and how we could receive it? (because we have already preordered)


I believe the next update, (or perhaps the one after that) will bring the game to Steam Early Access.


RIP small community then, it was nice to be so close with the devs :laughing:


As long as we don’t end up like this at least :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably more like this if Automation gets enough publicity :stuck_out_tongue:


I think we’d be totally fine with an average of those two, too! ;D


Gear city was a total disaster. The game was nowhere near where it needed to be before Eric released it. Unfortunate for him.

It’s surprising how many people dont know about Automation. I think it’ll be just fine when it hits steam haha


When you’ll get on STEAM, will the price stay the same or will it change? Especially concerned about the 1€=1$ thing… also estimated arrival date would be welcomed :wink:


I’m not sure if the price will change when it becomes Early Access or when the full game is released, but the price will go up to $30.


I did some testing with Gear City. Its a good game concept. Just slow progress. Slow progress kills hype.