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What are you listening to right now?




I discovered Tool on Guitar Hero: World Tour and I’m kinda liking their music, this is one of my favorites.


Fantastic song by one of my favorite artists.


yall aint mf cultured



i love porter and i love porter pls listen to porter



My girlfriend put this song on a playlist of us and I’ve been hooked on them since :)) Happy times!

And @TheAgathaNakai another Tool fan, I love this community!!


There are some very good songs here

Here is my currient favotite https://youtu.be/ayzAJ9yjnX8



Strong PSOne vibes.


No army may enter that land, that is protectet by POLISH HAAND


This is Great! LOL


Absolute jam.


This shit is crazy



This is my kinda music


The one cassette that was always in my dad’s Karmann-Ghia: Paula Abdul



Well the whole album really I mean it just came out ofc I had to know what it was like. I suspect like many my favourite is still somewhere between Iowa and The Subliminal Verses. But We Are Not Your Kind does go HARD.