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What happened to Inline 8 engines?


I noticed in the recent update inline 8 engines aren’t available anymore. Why were they discontinued and will they be returned?


inline 8’s were never available. nor is there even an intention to ad them as DLC’s.


They never were, in fact


Never were, no plans for em.


They are (a lovely, interesting) fringe engine the Automation time frame anyway. Only really some top end 40s US cars. Much less even that side valve engines.

(In Europe only ever really used for race cars.)

There’s so muc more relvant in terms of engine (diesels, 2-cyl,…), but that’s explained all in the FAQ.


what? no. the last Production I8 went out of production in 1954. period. Mercedes didn’t use I8’s outside of Le Mans and F1 after the war.


Mercedes definitely had no straight eight in the 60s and 70s!

As I see it, Automation is about starting a car company after the war. Keep in mind that many engines and cars available by then used prewar technology. Very few companies would have developed a flathead engine, or a straight eight, after the war. Because of that, it’s quite irrelevant technologies IMO.


Nevermind the issue of crank whip (torsional flex of the crankshaft due to its length, straight 8 engines are long motherfuckers), Inline 8s are very limited in terms of use. As awesome as they are, hardly any bodies available in game will be able to fit a sensibly sized specimen.
This however doesn’t stop one from building a fake straight eight for lore purposes.