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When comes the 5inline engines and the v10


hello i want to make a v10 bmw m5 and audi tt rs 2.5 inline 5 but i cant make because there aren t v10 and inline 5


Eventually, the developers are focusing in the change to the unreal engine, the tycoon mode and eventually an engine designer revamp (the regular way they release updates is: one engine update, one chassis update, one tycoon aspect and some extra content/balancing, all in one big update every 4-6 months).
In the meantime dear gentleman, you must read the FAQ and while on it, the actual first topic in the suggestions subforum, and don’t forget to use the search function, most of the questions or suggestions have already been asked before.

Cheers and enjoy the forums.


Automation's EOTY Awards!

V10 is coming in the next big update, with the unreal engine :slight_smile:


WAIT what? really? I though we’ll only get turbo L3 for the next update. Where did you get that info man?


Try starting a new campaign and see :wink:


BIG V10 here we go!


Here comes the Gasmean Bodge Wiper. :slight_smile:

Actually, that doesn’t sound too good.


For me it will be a 595 cubic inch V10 for my trucks. And possibly an insane swap in a sports car.


Or maybe…you know, we could…focus on the…environment?

News just in, Erin developing an eco v10 to put in their Bino city car that will achieve 80 mpg


Does “Wedge Diaper” sound any better?


Cavallera will gladly join you in that endeavour :smile:


I just want, pretty much, the exactly opposite of that (and also a racing pedigree v10)[quote=“squidhead, post:10, topic:18923”]
Does “Wedge Diaper” sound any better?

How about Judge Wipe-her?


Shhhhh. Stop. You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to recreate the 5.5l V10 from the the Audi R15. Or the 3.0l V10’s of F1 in the early 00s (ooh the nostalgia :heart_eyes:).


What are you talking about? That sounds AMAZING. Uncontrollable, powerful car with a zero star safety rating? IT’S PRETTY MUCH MY DREAM CAR.


I just want the inline 5 as soon as possible so I can finally replicate the Volvo 850. See if I can make it better (pro tip for myself: It won’t be possible, Volvo already made a 4 wheel drive version)


The four-wheel drive version was good, but the two-wheel drive version is also fun: