Automation's EOTY Awards!

…and I’d like to thank my best man @koolkei :joy:


There is a way to see the votes results?
I wonder how many vote Znopresk had. :slight_smile:

ha ha ha!

Wow, what a pleasant surprise :smiley: Due to some personal changes I haven’t got the time to participate in the forums in the last months, and I just received the e-mail notifications. Thanks to @titleguy1 for hosting this. Also congrats to all of you for the wins and reminding me that I am still a part of this community.

I wish you all a happy new year. You guys are awesome!


Please tell us we will see more of you in the future???



awww :smiley: I am pretty sure you will, but I feel I need to relearn a lot. I haven’t even tried the lite campaign yet :smiley:

Maybe the UE4 switch is a good point to start again.


I have been waiting until the UE4 so I can use a wide variety of engines. Thats what I am looking forward to.

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You guys know that the UE4 might come until march or something right? That is a loooong time…

And the new engines will come with the engine designer revamp, not on the next update. You’re going to feel rusty when start designing cars again xD

Ahh! So good to see you again @asdren, you have been greatly missed! I think UE4 will be a big change for all of us, I know a lot of people are planning to revamp/relaunch companies, me included, so it could be a good time to come back. But yeah, might be worth getting back into the game a little :wink:

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this is serious, sammy!!!

How do you know that? Because I constantly feel like I missed some important info on that.

I think it’s this thread

I think not, as I’ve seen it before and there isn’t an answer to my question. The only sure thing (and it was mentioned there) is that V10s and turbo I3s are coming with Unreal.

@szafirowy01 In one LDU killrob (the one before the latest IIRC) is showing all the new assets like different intakes and stuff, and then he said that those will come with the engine revamp update, they’re just making all the new assets at this moment.

The things that AFAIK are coming are V10s (because it appears when you launch the lite campaign), turbo l3 (because it is the next step after NA l3), unreal-shiny update, and V16 for the lucky ones.


Didn’t Killrob say that the updated intake lineup was going to come before the full “high math stuff” engine revamp?

Let’s just ask the man himself

@Killrob, could you please tell us what is going to be included on the next update?
Are the new intakes included?
Apart from V10s and L3 turbos, are other variations coming (like the different angle variant blocks from current engines)?

more engine variants so boxers and v10s. but same calculation.
but mechanically it’s still the same.

the intake variance will not come until the engine revamp

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Wow, I am late to the party! Thanks for voting, thanks for nominating. Big props to you as a community, happy to be here.


The new intakes are not included, no, they don’t have a place in the non-revamped engine designer. We toyed with the thought to add them before for a while, but seeing the trouble that would cause for scenarios we decided against it.