Automation's EOTY Awards!

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the very first Automation End Of The Year Awards, or EOTY!


Here we’ll be hosting a fan-chosen competition where you get to choose the winners! We’ll have multiple categories to choose from and you; yes, you; get to choose who advances. Not only will you be able to choose the car who advance in the categories, you get to choose the categories yourself! Online polls will be posted for both situations.

Rounds will work as a 3-tiered system; everyone will first vote for their 3 favorite topics in a category, then they will vote for their 2 favorite topics in the category, etc. I will conjure up 35 different categories; the amount of categories shall be cut down to 25 over time. Voting for categories will end on the 3rd of December.

Once voting for categories ends, of course, voting for the subjects will begin. Preliminary voting will start on the 8th of December and will end on the 12th. Semifinals will begin on the 13th 18th and end on the 17th 21st. Final voting will begin on the 18th 22nd and end on the 22nd 24th. Winners will subsequently be announced by Christmas Eve but possibly before then on Christmas Day.


We need a banner as well! We want you to design a 2016 Automation EOTY awards banner, with a resolution of 1000 x 400 pixels. There will, yes, be a poll for that as well. Entries shall be posted in this thread.

The deadline for entries is December 7th.


Of course, a challenge is a challenge, and thus we must have a rule. Only one rule will be in place, and that rule is that you cannot nominate yourself for any category.

Final Voting is right HERE!

[details=Banner Entries]



Here is the link to the category voting. Please do not vote more than once.


Most problematic car company , i see that coming…


One word: Saminda


Best (or worst) Troll, I see that coming …


A moment of silence for our fallen warrior… viciously murdered by the mighty banhammer.

Edit: Why are you people voting to eliminate the best awards ffs, don’t be so boring


So how exactly do you get into the competition? Do you take nominations from previously posted cars? I know I won’t get in because I post absolutely nothing anymore.

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Yeah, other people have to nominate cars from the forums.

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Basically, another name for this could be the “Spitfire, get your ass on the forums or no one will appreciate your cars” Awards?

Winner of the slowest consistent 0-60 times award: Spitfire


I fully expect to look through the awards with a quick ‘look for this’ search and find myself completely absent from the list. It’s always how these kind of things go for me.


Looking forward to c who recommends who and what the final categories will be.
DSD not just another car


I have to say I voted to be politically correct and I’m regretting it. I should have done the opposite. Totally bring on the Golden Cock award and the Worst User award, and let the shitstorm ensue :laughing:

Reminds me of one of our local hospital networks, not the one I work at and not one that I’m going to name… they have a valedictory dinner event and hand out some awards. There’s one for the doctor who sleeps with the most colleagues in the working year (no joke, because doctors are inbred like that). And there’s one for “worst medical error”. Imagine publicly voting for that one and receiving the award in front of all your colleagues huh?


Golden Cock stayed for me after I was reminded of its origins on Top Gear.

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As someone who has never seen Top Gear (I know, try not to faint, but I haven’t watched TV in nearly 10 years), could someone explain the whole “Golden Cock” thing?

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To put it simply… biggest cock up of the year. The one for 2004 was when a Land Rover was driven to the top of a mountain, and then Jeremy left in a helicopter, with the Land Rover and the crew still on the mountain. He forgot the Land Rover keys in his pocket.


Fair enough. Could be interesting to see who earns that one.

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Okay, so I’ve run into a slight inconsistency.

Currently, “Best Pacific Car Company” is far ahead in terms of elimination votes than the top European and American Car Company votes. I was hoping that the three would be a package deal, but I want to know if you guys are okay with wiping out the best manufacturers from Asia and Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, etc.).

Also, here are the current categories in jeopardy, from most votes to least votes.

  1. Most “Cancerous” Post (19 Votes)
  2. Best Banter (18 Votes)
  3. Best/Worst Troll (18 Votes)
  4. Most “WTF” Engine (18 Votes)
  5. Best Pacific Car Company (17 Votes)
  6. Most Anemic Engine (17 Votes)
  7. Best New Member (16 Votes)
  8. Most Problematic Car Company (16 Votes)
  9. Worst Car Company (14 Votes)
  10. Best Quote (13 Votes)

I truly am disappointed with the members of this forum. Took away all the fun, RIP :cry:


No fucking way. What is the matter with you people? Getting rid of best quote, best banter, best troll, worst car company, where is the fun goddamn it. If we are to have a pc bullshit fest, well, what’s the point? It’s a game after all, let’s run it with some sense of humour.

Also, if best pacific car was removed, I think we should remove all other region specific awards.


My favourite category…