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Wood Panel Trim Suggestion


Hi, I was thinking that there should be the option to add wood panelling trim to a car as a selectable trim in the UE4 body section of the car creator. This may be a pointless creation, but it’s worth it for creating those classic woodie wagons and general trim for 1990s wagons and 1970s luxury vehicles.

Creative criticism on my idea is welcome.


Not a very common option, not worth the development effort and not worth the more UI clutter.


I agree that it’s not very common, at least nowadays, but back in the 1940s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s (at least to my knowledge), these would’ve been common and then gradually dying off as automakers abandoned the design.

However, it would’ve been an interesting thing to do if you wanted a woodie wagon or something remotely similar.

I appreciate your input and your opinion on the matter, which I respect, USDMFTW.


As a person who owns a wood panel trim vehicle in real life I second this motion. Again whether it happens or not is up to the devs.


The closest I’ve seen, from @KamikazeF0X in my Great Archanian Trek.


This has been suggested plenty to the devs. I’d like to see it too, but it’s something that would require a decent amount of work to get working properly.