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Working head/taillights in car designer or photo mode (UE4)


In Brick Rigs, an Unreal Engine game I’ve been playing a lot recently, while designing your vehicle, you are able to toggle its lights and see how they look without driving it.

In Unreal 4 Automation’s car designer, will you be able to do this? Or, in photo mode? For example, you could have a scene in the photo mode, make it night-time, then turn the car’s lights on for some visibility or to give a sense of attitude to the photo. Or, you could toggle some lighting in the car designer to darken the scene, then turn on the car’s lights to see how they look.

I assume that you could find the middle of a headlight fixture and place a spotlight facing infront of the car. Taillights and indicators could just be area lights.

I’m not a game developer, so is this too hard to achieve this?


I think it is not hard to implement if done from the start. I guess they never implemented lighting sources in the fixture assets and to retrospectively start adding those, if possible, would mean a fair share of work for a small visual gain. It would be nice to see it being implemented, but if the devs deem it not worth the effort then I guess it ends with that.


It definitely is something we’d like to do eventually, but that is a loooong list of things as is :stuck_out_tongue: