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Workshop item aran't working


Since a few days I’m expceriencing problems with downloaden items from the workshop. It downloads them, at least the status bar fills up. But when I start the game it won’t do anything. All the mods I had installed before are there and working. I’m running the latest UE4 version.

What have I don so far: (after searching the forum, and cheking FAQS)
Unsubscribed an subscribed the mods. Waited just for a few days, although never had issues before. Cleared the gamedata folder, I checked the integrity of the cache, no result.

Then I went more drastical, uninstalled the game, then restarted steam, installed again, downloaded a lot of stuff including workshop items it said. Approxx. 180 MB, the game works but now i’ve lost al my mods!!

So help, please?


Total utter whitchcraft, or geniuses of camsoft went into my pc by methods yet unknown to me and mysteriously fixed it…it now works…somehow. 5 minutes.

Sorry for wasting your time…


Don’t worry, it’s all good. You posted that it works now instead of leaving us hanging, so you’re good.

Sometimes there’s ghosts in the machines…


It’s the workshop gremlins, they like to visit from time to time and no one really likes them.