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Would you rather drive this or that?


Pacer vs Karmann Ghia - no idea, voted for Ghia because it looks fancier, but I’m not really a fan of either.

Q50 Hybrid - same as before, though to a lesser extent - Infiniti looks a bit better and is more interesting (and if it really is more efficient and faster, then even better)

Q5 vs X3 - NOPE

Mitsubishi GTO - I like Mitsubishi, I’m not really a fan of Dodge.

Cerbera - it’s a f…ing TVR, what else do you need?

Lancer vs Impreza - hmm, both and neither? The Lancer looks better and has a bit more interesting thoughts linked with it for me, but the Impreza Has a boxer and bezel-less doors. And that’s all I know about their differences :stuck_out_tongue:

Stinger yet again… Giulia is close, but this one has only 4 cylinders (which means less interesting for me in everything but a Saab), and Stinger is almost my perfect daily - mid size liftback with more than 4 cylinders, AWD and auto. If only it looked slightly, slightly better, didn’t have that screen sticking out of the dashboard and had 1 cylinder less or 2 more… :wink: Or if Giulia Quadrifoglio was an AWD liftback.

Giulia this time. Easy. It has the second best sounding V6 ever for me (1st is the F-type’s one).

A8 vs LS vs 7 - none of them. The A8 is VAG and has too many screens (also that front…), the LS has weird interior, weird front, weird proportions and some ordinary V6s only and the 7 series is just as boring, bland and characterless as nearly any modern BMW. Gimme the XJ or the Quattroporte.

Multipla because I don’t wanna be killed by an over-sensitive airbag or anything like that.

500 because it’s nice, and modern Mini seems a bit… snobby for me.


The Mitsubishi GTO and the Stealth are the same car, and uses the same mitshbishi 6G72 engines.


You are on the late 80’s, and do you want a elegant luxury Japanese car, and you are from a Yakuza band. Choose your car.

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It is indeed quicker and more efficient.

ActiveHybrid 3: EPA 25/33 MPG City/Highway, 0-60 MPH in 5.0 seconds.
Q50 Hybrid: EPA 29/36 MPG City/Highway, 0-60 MPH in 4.9 seconds (I’ve seen as low as 4.6 seconds).

Note: these are for MY2014 cars.


I am not sure I totally understand the Kia Stinger. Kia made a sports sedan which is definitely worth applause; seriously, good for them getting out of their comfort zone and making a car for people other than those who would prefer to forget about it the instant they buy it. But I suspect its intended to compete against the BMW 4-series, Audi A / S, and the like but the perception and pricing of the Kia brand is probably going to knock it downmarket a bit and then it competes against… what? The Mustang or GT86 / BRZ. So its a sports sedan that’s going against… pony cars? A tad misplaced methinks. And inb4 Dodge Charger / Chrysler 300, I doubt anybody who buys those want anything to do with any of 'dem ma fuckin ferrin cars.

But who knows? I could be wrong. And maybe thats the whole point - offer a bitchin family sports car at the price of a normal one. I do know that I would take the Kia in a heartbeat over the friggin Cadillac because not only were the Cadillacs (and particularly the ATS) I explored at the North American International Auto Show this year suffering from a severe lack of competitors’ features, comfort, refinement, and build quality nobody wants a sporty driving experience from a Cadillac! They want one you don’t have to think about.

Are you listening GM? Lincoln and Mercedes are the target, not BMW and Jaguar.

Oh even despite my scruples with the Stinger, one last plaudit for Kia - at least they aren’t fucking cock teases like Toyota who displayed all their racing cars at the Auto Show as if to say “This is what we can do… but don’t! HA! Fuck you!”


Would you rather race…



  • AUDI R18
  • TOYOTA TS050

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I don’t see any real problem with the Stinger, if a premium badge isn’t required - and I guess it won’t be for many people when they can have a similar car to a 440i or S5 for about 30-40% less.

@vmo Thank you, Captain Obvious :slight_smile:


Lexus RC F

Jaguar F Type

  • F type
  • RC F

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(Sorry for tiny pics)


As much as I dislike Audi, I’d rather race it than the Toyota because I like being able to actually, you know, finish races.


R18 super fan over here. Still miss them so much :’(


Toyota Fanboy says Hi


Toyota Supra


  • Supra
  • Skyline

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None. Both are quite overrated in my opinion.


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no more bias because i’m pretty sure at least 80% of you have never heard of both cars :joy:


C’mon man if you want no bias you can’t tell me that one car is styled by Germans and the engine comes from GM!


It’s the late 60s in Japan, and you decide to get a high-class sedan. Do you choose:

A G20 Century?

A H150 President?


An A30 Debonair?

  • Toyota Century (G20)
  • Nissan President (H150)
  • Mitsubishi Debonair (A30)

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Here’s another round of thoughts from me:

Accord - Unlike its successor, it could be ordered as a coupe and/or with a V6 engine, which could be mated to a manual transmission.

6 - It looks, feels and drives like something far more upmarket. None of this was true of any 200 - or the Sebring it replaced, for that matter.

Slingshot - Apart from Morgan’s 3-Wheeler, this is my favorite reverse trike. 'Nuff said.

Karmann Ghia - Unlike the Pacer, this was (and still is) an aesthetic triumph.

ActiveHybrid 3 - Without a doubt, the electronic steering on the Q50/Q60 just feels wrong.

X3 - It’s like a 3-series on stilts.

GTO/3000GT - looks way better than the Stealth in my opinion.

Viper - Even more powerful than a Cerbera, and unlike TVR as a whole, most definitely won’t be resurrected.

STi Version V - I slightly prefer its looks to the Evo’s.

Giulia Ti - has the most brand cachet out of all three.

Giulia QV - If Ferrari made a four-door saloon, this is the form it would take.

A8 the 7-series runs it close but the A8’s extra features gives it the edge.

Multipla - Ignore the looks and this is actually a well-packaged car. The Calvinator doesn’t really exist in the real world.

Mini - Much newer than the 500 and its platform will underpin the next 1-series, believe it or not.

Y31 Cedric - The Crown is too boxy and the Luce is not quite as well-proportioned.

R18 - It accomplished what the TS050 has so far never done: win Le Mans outright.

F-Type - Aesthetically, it’s less divisive than an RC F, and doesn’t feel as heavy through the corners either.

Supra - Unlike the Skyline, it was sold in the US officially, and is hence easier to find.

Hexa - For once, I would take the offering from the owners of Jaguar Land Rover.

H150 President - easily the best-looking of the trio; the contemporary Century was just too weird for its time.


If you had to pick a minivan
Dodge GrandCaravan

Honda Odyssey

Kia Sedona

Mercedes Metris

Toyota sienna

  • Metris
  • GrandCaravan
  • Sedona
  • Odyssey
  • Sienna

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Sienna $30,700 (296hp)
Odyssey $29990 (280hp)
Sedona $27700 (276hp)
Grand Caravan $26250 (283hp)
Metris $25995 (208hp)
If u watch this U would never want the metris

  1. Dodge Challenger - because it looks a lot better;
  2. Neither - not a fan of either;
  3. Camry - at least the Camry isn’t so ugly;
  4. Civic - it drives better and has manual option;
  5. Kia Stinger GT - I didn’t hit the 60 yo yet, so I can’t really get a Buick;
  6. Hyundai i30N - the Golf is too plain;
  7. Stinger 2.0 - no idea why, I believe they are pretty much the same;
  8. Optima - it looks better;
  9. Alfa Romeo Stelvio - because Alfa;
  10. Neither;
  11. Audi A5 Sportback - the Arteon looks terribly;
  12. 720S - no reason at all;
  13. Q60 - looks better;
  14. Kicks - Prius is for p*ssies;
  15. 86/BRZ - FWD;
  16. 2018 Honda Civic Si Coupe 6-speed - because yes;
  17. 6 - because Mazda;
  18. Westward Industries Go-4 - because yes;
  19. Kharmann Ghia - nothing better than a better looking Beetle;
  20. Neither;
  21. Q5 - BMW died years ago;
  22. Mitsu GTO - looks better;
  23. TVR Cerbera - nothing like a race car for the road;
  24. ’98 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V - because there’s like only 2 or 3 like these here;
  25. Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti - because Alfa;
  26. Giulia - have I said ‘because Alfa’ already?;
  27. LS - looks better;
  28. Multipla - at least it doesn’t give me cancer;
  29. Fiat - because manual;
  30. Mazda Luce 929 (HC) - because Mazda;
  31. TOYOTA TS050 - no reason at all;
  32. F Type - because manual;
  33. Supra - better looks;
  34. Indian Masterpiece - there’s nothing worse than GM;
  35. Nissan President - better looks;
  36. Honda Odyssey - because yes.


What is your favorite sounding v6? Mine is a pentastar v6, literally
Edit: anyone is free to answer