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Would you rather drive this or that?


Based off the ones I’ve heard, the Yamaha V6 out of a Taurus SHO.


Huracan - I am just a bit too biased…Audi is Audi…and that’s not a good thing in my eyes. :stuck_out_tongue:
Accord - It looks OK up front, the Camry is only weird.
Civic - It looks bad enough, the Corolla is even worse.
Stinger - Choosing a Kia hurts, but well, i see no reason to choose a Regal over the Stinger.
Golf - Not a VAG fanboy but I don’t like Korean cars either, Golf looks better.
Stinger - I don’t know why, just feels better.
Optima - Two uninteresting cars but cleaner styling at least.
Cayenne/RSQ7 - Yes…Audi…I know, but buying a SUV from the other brands is almost like showing the brand names no respect…I have gotten used to the Cayenne by now so, well…I take that one too.
Model X - If I’m going to have a Jaguar, it should be a real Jaguar.
Arteon - Actually something as unusual as a great looking VAG automobile
720s - A little less obvious choice, everyone and his mother wants a Ferrari
M4 - Another hard “but it just feels better” choice
Kicks - At least not as horrible as the Juke
86/BRZ - Because RWD.
Civic - More fun I guess, I might be wrong.
Mazda6 - Why do the 200 even exist?
Go-4 - More practical while I am looking like an idiot
Karmann Ghia - Beautiful, slow and well built instead of ugly, slow and slopped together.
ActiveHybrid 3 - Again, “feels better and I don’t know why”
X3 - I don’t like small SUVs and I don’t like Audis. But the Q5 is both, the X3 only one of them.
GTO - It is honest with what it is, never liked Chryslers rebadging of Mitsus
Cerbera - I have a soft spot for old school british sports cars.
Impreza - I like that Subaru dares to be different
Giulia - Because Alfa!
Giulia again - Because Alfa again!
7 series - Not an Audi and not hideous up front like the LS
Calvinator - Because not Multipla
Mini - More sporty and less cute than the Fiat
Cedric - Seriously one of my dream cars even though it was hard to choose now…hard to beat 80s boxy japanese luxo barges… DROOOL
TS050 - Because not Audi
F-type - Because Jaguar for real.
Skyline - Mk4 Supras are ugly
Indian Masterpiece - Because WTF?
Century - All three are dream cars of course, but the Century is the ultimate in japanese luxury IMO.
Metris - Nobody builds vans like Mercedes-Benz and I don’t care about his sissy Soccer Mom-complaints.


You don’t know what a Calvinator is do you…it’s best if it stays that way…


But digital cars disappear if I turn off my computer, a Multipla would take up valuable space in my garage…


Pretty much all of these.


LOL, I checked out the Calvinator threads, now I REALLY want one! :smiley:


Let’s do some classic American Muscle

Would you rather drive…

1970 Dodge Charger


1970 Chevy Chevelle

  • Dodge Charger
  • Chevy Chevelle

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My pick would be the Charger - the Chevelle has the larger (optional) engine but the Charger has actual NASCAR racing heritage, which matters more to me in my book.

And I went for the Odyssey earlier simply because, more than any of its rivals, it is what a minivan ought to be.


Looks like I have a lot of catching up to do… wow.

  • Mazda 6 because of the manual gearbox.

  • Polaris Slingshot because of the acceleration.

  • AMC Pacer - although not “beautiful” in the classical sense, it’s bold, innovative and has a certain charm

  • Infiniti Q50 Hybrid - rocketship, that is all

  • Audi Q5 - arguably the better looking of the two

  • Dodge Stealth - as above, I think the better looking of the two

  • Dodge Viper GTS - Only because the Cerbera is right-hand drive

  • Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V - If it was a 22B Impreza, I’d pick that instead.

  • Kia Stinger GT1 - rocketship, that is all

  • Alfa Romeo Guilia Quadrifoglio - for the manual we can’t get in the States.

  • Audi A8 - quickest of the bunch

  • Fiat 500 - needs to be an Abarth, but yea…

  • Nissan Cedric (Y31) - for the VG20DET

  • Jaguar F-Type for the supercharger

  • R34 Skyline GT-R for the rarity (at least in the States)

  • Nissan President - name says it all

  • Dodge Charger - just looks meaner and more aggressive…

My favorite V6 sound would be the factory “sport-tuned” VQ-series V6 (FX35, G35 Coupe, 350Z) - these videos don’t do them justice. In real life they just sound so exotic. (followed closely, of course, by the Yamaha V6 out of a Taurus SHO @BobLoblaw)


I’d pick God’s divine creation to make it an even 50:50 split but I’m afraid the airbag will go off as soon as I accelerate and I die.


Charger. Because 426 hemi.


I apologise for double post, being on mobile makes editing in a quote quite inconvenient.

It’s a curious thing. The midsize family sedan was a massive market in Australia with the likes of Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon, as well as Toyota Camry, Hyundai Sonata, Mitsubishi Magna (the 380 did poorly) etc. etc. But really it was the Falcon and Commodore that held historical significance. If anything, the somewhat hot versions of these i.e. XR6 is where the Stinger fits in the best, which is interesting given the market shrank and that killed local manufacturing, yet… Interest still remains.


I’ve been thinking about this all day and I’m still torn 70/30 down the middle and can’t decide. There are so many great muscle cars in the late sixties, but I can’t decide which one of these modern supercars is best budget hypercar. help

1992 Ferrari F40


2007…8? no, 2006 Porsche 911 Turbo


198…5? idk…Lamborghini Countach


1988 Volksporschen 9Bee9

  • Mazda Autozam AZ-1
  • Fiat 500
  • Mystery Meat
  • Volkswagen Beetle

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Ya Mystery Meat might be a Fiero?


About the best sounding V6, for me, the Alfa V6 Busso, the VQ35de/hr, and the VG30dett. I love the turbo sound. And the engine start, is amazing.


None of them - I’d save up for the real thing instead. Besides, there’s no shame in driving an unmolested AZ-1. I wouldn’t want it to be disguised as something else, though.

@vmo this thread is about picking which car you want to drive, not the engines which power them. But I agree with you on which V6 engines sound best - my pick is the Alfa Busso V6.


A question was asked about your favourite sounding V6, Actually


I don’t even care that the AZ-1 is dressed as a fake Ferrari. I want to drive an AZ-1.


Suzuki Mazda Autozam AZ-1 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The market for midsize / D segment sedans is still prominent in the US but most people who would buy them want a driving experience more predictable and less interesting than a pensioner’s election ballot. That’s why the Chevy SS Holden Commodore didn’t fair so well in our market and the Hyundai Sonata, Toyota Camry, Chevy Malibu, Ford Fusion, etc reign supreme. But in other markets, I concede the Stinger does make sense. Its definitely more a Euro car than a US car which is probably where my confusion comes from. And in saying that I realize I’ve committed the sin of seeing things with too narrow a perspective.