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Would you rather drive this or that?


Real, V8 JDM:

The 1967 Toyota Century VG20

or the 1965 Nissan President H150



Mystery Meat has a New York license plate. I haven’t seen it in real life, but it does appear to be in New York City. Who knows, I may run into it one day. It gets my vote.


Hard to choose. But I choose the Nissan.


The Nissan President. I’m a sucker for the quad round lights.


Yeah it’s gotta be the Nissan. Reminds me of an Impala but classier.


I’ll say it again: I’ll take the Nissan. Despite American influences in the styling, it’s still a Japanese car through and through.


Would you rather drive…

Early 4th generation Camaro?

Or a late Foxbody Mustang?

  • Early 4th gen Camaro
  • Late Foxbody Mustang

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To me the fourth-gen Camaro is underrated. It had originality in spades; when it came out, it looked properly futuristic (although the previous generation’s sealed beam headlights clashed with the car’s streamlined shape, making it even more of an acquired taste), with an engine to match. And unlike its successor, it didn’t feel like a big, heavy sedan with the outward visibility of a tank. The Fox Mustang comes close, but the relative lack of power holds it back. In fact, had I been forced to make this decision 25 years ago, the result would have been the same.


It’s 1989, choose one:

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The Lexus LS400

  • Mercedes-Benz S-Class
  • Lexus LS 400

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Its 2008 and u have enough for one of these
Audi s8 V10 Top speed run vid

Mercedes,s63 AMG S63 0-160kmh

  • S8
  • AMG

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I included vids of the 2 cars
Edit: I didn’t know a s600 was this fast Dang and the s8 is not a top speed run its 0-200kmh


Mystery meat - at least it does look slightly like the original.
Century - hey, already answered that once in this thread.
Foxbody - 4th gen Camaros are ugly
S-class - Absolutely love the W126, one of Mercedes best models ever.
S-class (again) - because Mercedes, because not Audi.


FOXBODY all the way… I sorta have one so of course I would want another

And that Camaro is the ugliest generation they’ve ever had!!!


I would have chosen the LS400 - back it was to luxury cars as the NSX was to supercars.

And the reason for picking the AMG? It had an incongruously large engine for a flagship luxury car. Nobody would even consider making anything like it today!


Camaro v. Foxbody - OK, Camaro is a GM. But that can be excused in a car this sexy, can’t it? Of course I’m gonna pick something this futuristic.
W126 v. LS400 - Hey, isn’t LS 400 that car that gets beaten into a wreck in Street Fighter II? That settles it, right? I’m getting the Lexus, use it as a model for a perfect replica of one, and then punch the replica into oblivion. And I get a luxury car too!
S8 V10 v. S63 AMG - One of those is a glorified Volkswagen. I’ll get the Mercedes, thank you very much.


Love is blind and so are you. Pick something to haul the kids:

  • Fiat Multipla

  • Pontiac Aztek

  • Ssangyong Rodius

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Well, the Aztek of course. The only nice looking car of the bunch. Make sure it’s orange though.


I’d personally go for a yellow one with that dark grey plastic cladding.


The only Multipla i would drive


1989 LS400s suffered from several initial quality issues. The 126 on the other was already well matured by then, not quite as up to date in some respects, but it remains one of the best luxury cars ever.