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Your Perfect 3 car Garage?


Ford Fiesta ST OR the Fiesta EcoBoost 1.0 - I can live with either

Fuel efficient, has enough space and a proper hoot to drive with playful poke and supposedly amazing handling. Oh and I love the looks.
second choice for daily

I mean, it’s safe, probably not too bad on fuel, comfy, looks AMAZING, and is rather spacious.

Proper performance car

No, just look at it. 'Nuff said.

Comfy cruiser

Preferably get the automatic swapped to a manual and then also change that hideous rear bumper.
Has plenty of power, great handling, epic sounding Yamaha V8, and comfy enough to cruise around.


The Sagaris. Hell yeah. I’ll take those side exhausts over anything anyway.


Here’s my 3.

Nissan Stagea 260RS Autech. Hauls groceries and ass.

If I need extra haulage, I’ll use the XC90.

For the fun times.



Daily driver / commuter / long comfy trip

Toyota Prius + (unfortunately there is no Lexus hybrid van)

Ginetta G40


Communistasi-- Lotus Cortina.


I am digging choices no. 2 and 3. Have ever had the chance to see them in real life out of interest?


I had the chance to look to nr.2 Lotus Cortina in a Ford Museum in Italy and never seen the Ginetta in real life.


I was very strongly considering the AZ1 but didn’t choose it. Knew it would just be a matter of time :yum:


Let me fix my third option to this as a daily driver:

I saw one of these for sale once and I’m still mad at myself for not jumping at the opportunity to own a 9-5 wagon


As a reliable daily runner.

A new MX-5, in this exact colour.

As a semi-classic cruiser/hauler.

It has to be specifically made-only-in-1993 Mercedes 280TE in deep, dark shade, either blue or green will do.

And as a full blown classic for fun.

Series 1 4.2 XJ6, also, in this exact colour.

Still then I’ll probably end up driving the XJ6 everywhere, just to prove that old British car can be made reliable. And then fail miserably ending up back through the order. With the MX-5 never get driven much at all. :joy:

And also, like a lot of people, my dream is to have 30 (or 300) cheap cars, not 3 hugely expensive luxury cars.


For daily driving and longer trips, my Lolvo.

For summer cruising a seventies VW Beetle

And because wedge shaped designs and eighties sports cars just get me hot, a Lotus Esprit (Lambo Countach or Ferrari Testarossa would have been too obvious choises. The Countach’s design was so hilariously outrageous at the time that I should pick it just for that)


daily fun family car/cruiser
Nissan Stagea 260RS

even faster and comfy fun family car
Audi RS6 Avant quattro (C6) (it got V10!)

fun only car
Zonda F


My Daily Commuter

My Dream Cruiser

My Track Monster

MY Doomsday Machine (if money and space are available)

(I Know…I’m a raid rally addict thorough and thorough)


There’s a fiesta sedan???


Yup…a Fiesta Sedan. I would choose the BMW 2-Series sedan which is sportier, but it’s a bit out of my budgetary range though.


Black Range Rover as the family car

Black R34 as the project/ enthusiast car

Black 1:one when I want the world to spin in the opposite direction!


Big fan of the tvr’s looks as well, and also a big fan of the lexus is series


Making a supermini into a sedan just reminds me of the Mazda 121


Everyday - Defender

Everyday 2 - Mk1 RS2000

Everyday 3 - 600bhp Aston Virage


knowing me, that’s probably what i’ll end up with when i get my license.


Everyday car:
Ford Focus| Because of Ford’s Overdub Ads intrinsically made me want buy one.

Random old car:
Toyota Corolla 1997| Probably more nostagia than anything else. This was the first car my dad bought, and I just like it.

Ferrari 360 Modena| Im just not a fan of the F430, and i prefer the styling and sleekness of the 360