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05-09 I6 turbo engine wanted

I’m looking for an in-line 6 3.0l-4.0l turbo from 2005ish and onwards, something similar to a BMW. Has anyone got anything similar I could use? I have plumbed together a few designs but I’m just not satisfied.

Just to be sure, are there any specific requirements about the engine besides the family year, engine configuration and displacement? And must the engine be made in the UE4 version?

yeah, horsepower range, price range, what kind of car does it go in? Size constraints? (in which body, in which configuration does it go in?)

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Yeah, I should have given a bit more info really :roll_eyes:

I was aiming at something like the BMW 330 / 440 / Touring / GT… So a longitude straight six DOHC 24v VVL/VVT 3.0l - 4.0l turbo under square MFI maybe DFI. The engine is on the sport side but is still flexible enough for practical sensible everyday driving commuting. Huge dollops of broad fat torque and as damn near close to 300bhp with out negatively effecting anything else. As for economy anywhere in the range of 20-30mpg or more. This would then fit into a medium coupe/saloon in either FR or FX layout.

I’ve been struggling with the turbo set up on my designs, I can’t wait for twin scrolls to be introduced!

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Oh and UE4 or Kee whatever floats yer boat

I have a 3.5L inline 6. VVT, VVL…

Is it turbocharged?

Yes. With a flat torque curve.

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That’s what I’m looking for! Can you give us some specs on building. I don’t want to specifically copy your design I just want to get a foundation for my own.


I can send to you the engine with any problem!

Thanks, that would be great buddy.

Hey! I can make something better :smirk: (yes I love making engines, for me that’s 50% of the fun in this game)

Be interesting to see, what you got?

Ok, that took a while… Got interrupted by other things, sorry :innocent:

And in a test SUV it gets 39 MPG US.

Ah, right, what year do you need it in?

2005 - 2009 thereabouts

Ok, so this is the engine moved 12 years back, and with MPI instead of DI:

36 MPG in the test SUV.


If you could send us that I’d like to test it

My engine was MPFI…

This one is too, as I wrote.

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I understanded that you said thet my engine was DI.