(0xc000007b) error message when starting the game

Hello, when trying to start the game, I get the error message “Can’t launch application correctly (0xc000007b). Click ok to close the app” (roughly translated from italian). Is there an easy fix, is the issue already known? Thanks

Thanks for the link, but nothing worked :frowning:

That sounds like Steam didn’t install the redistributables correctly, or you cancelled their install.
This thread has the required links for that:

the first one is most likely what you’re missing, unless you can’t even get into the launcher, in which case it is an issue with you not having a compatible install of .Net Framework (second link).

I can get to the launcher, the error message comes up when I press ‘play’.
Anyways, now I’ll check that thread

Ok, so after doing that there are more errors (?!). They are quite long so I took some screen captures. There are 2 new ones, as well as the old (0xc000007b) error message.


Can you make sure your Windows install is all up to date?
If you indeed have correctly installed the .Net Framework and the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 redistributable then I don’t think these errors should come up. Did something block you from installing them (out of date windows?)?

Also, now that you get into launching the game, see if you get a game log you can share (get it via the game log button in the launcher).