1.6L 8v OHC Carb

Wanted a simple engine that would be relativly effeienct on the street and not be too under powered, hopefully this is what ive created. Let me know if i have or havent becuase reading effiency and power graphs is not my forte, let me know how i can improve the engine :slight_smile:

[quote][ul]Here she is[/ul]

[ul]Here she is in metric[/ul]

[quote][ul]Engine Download[/ul]


Well, it is certainly an interesting mix of new tech (VVL) and old tech, sort of like a pirate ship with laser beams. From a realism standpoint, this engine would have most likely only existed in a narrow time frame between the late 80s and early 90s. On the other had, it does look very well tuned, and fuel economy seems decent for a carburetor. Not bad, sir. :wink:

Yea i still need to work out how to get more than 100bhp with no VVL :stuck_out_tongue: hehe

Interesting. I think DFI would help it better, but if you want to go carb on me, then maybe run it on higher octane with more compression or higher timing?