1955 Nordschleife Special GP (Automation/BeamMP Challenge Event)

1955 Nordschleife Special GP (BeamMP Racing Event - Automation Built Cars)

Manufacturers: Build a competition car for the year 1955 to participate in a 10-lap special race on the Nurburgring Nordschleife. The regulations for entrant vehicles are as follows:

-Engines of 4 or 6 cylinders in line, 8 or 12 cylinders in V

-Cross-ply tires of maximum 7.5 inch width (190mm)

-Open-wheel design

-Front engine placement

-No special-type aerodynamic fixtures

Manufacturers should send cars they wish to enter as soon as possible for vetting. Tuning should be completed before final entry, and retuning on the day of the race will be prohibited. Final entry for cars is by December 15th. Cars should be sent to PlasmeticRaven#2285 on Discord, including both the Automation car file and Beam .zip mod folder.

Drivers: The race will occur on December 16th and drivers will be expected to be ready by 6 PM EST. The maximum number of entrants is 15 at this time. Drivers may enter privateer-style with a desired vehicle, pending approval of that vehicle’s manufacturer. If a driver cannot procure any vehicle or manufacturer to represent, a regulation vehicle can be provided.

The race shall have a two-pitstop maximum per car. Grid position will be determined by reverse horsepower ranking (lowest powered cars in front). The race will commence from a standing start, and will proceed until either the last participant has crossed the finish line or has failed to finish. Driver swaps will not be allowed, and repairs of the car in the pits shall take 2 minutes. Pit stops shall take 15 seconds at minimum per safety regulation.

The race will be held on the BeamMP Nordschleife/Cruise server on December 16th starting by 6:30PM EST. Please contact Plasmetic Raven#2285 on Discord with manufacturer or driver inquiries.

Nordschleife map is available for testing here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uQ1GxDRWgwUQFs23rQ6Ej5jv6eA21Mhf/view?usp=sharing


Maybe this is a racing class I am not familiar with, but the rules seem vague?

Who is driving, and how are pit stops simulated? Is the race in Automation, or Beam.NG? Is the mapa available for tuning, or are the builders in the blind?

Can you define how the logistics work, or post to a preceding thread?


  • I have created these regulations based on some research on the 1955 season and also based on wanting to allow a wide variety of designs to enter. They are not based on any one real regulation, but anything within the stated regulations is allowed. Power and weight are not limited, the tire size, engine types, and front engine configuration I hope will allow a steady basis to lever a variety of possible setups around.

  • Anyone may drive, but, more specifically

    • A manufacturer may drive themselves, or
    • A manufacturer may provide a car for a driver they wish to, or
    • A driver may enter privateer with any desired car meeting regulations, as long as the manufacturer approves this
  • The pit stop simulation will be basic as this is simply a race for fun. Each car will be allowed two pitstops during the race, meaning that they may return to the pits either for a refuel (15 seconds) or a repair (2 minutes). As the race is in BeamMP, if a car is disabled it may immediately return to the pits but must wait the 2 minutes to simulate repair time.

  • The race is being held in BeamMP (which is a free mod for Beam.NG allowing multiplayer). The map is available on my server Nordschleife/Cruise and any builder wishing to tune will have their car available on the server. Until the day of the race, Innocent’s Universal Automation Mod will be available on the server to facilitate live tuning. The mod will be removed during the race to avoid cheating, so builders should still tune their cars in Automation before final entry.

That makes more sense. Will the field be full, or is this a hot lap thing? Also, I know Beam has the reset function, but lets say you lose it in the carousel, when you reset to the pits, do you finish the current lap, or start over? At 1955 speeds we are talking minutes per lap here.

Somewhat related, I have a full wheel and pedals. I assume I will be racing against people with game pads (and possibly just a keyboard)? Any plans for divisions?

  • The field will be full, since this is a testbed for further races (possibly endurance) and I want to see exactly how it pans out with actual racing between humans. BeamMP at the moment has good collision, vehicle syncing, and server performance.

  • If one crashes during a lap, they will still need to finish the current lap. I understand that it is a fairly hardcore race based on the car regulations and difficulty of the track, but hopefully this can be overcome due to the variety of possible designs. I have been testing with a very low weight, low power design and the consistency/ease of driving is much higher than with a higher powered car. Hopefully this ensures that the most consistent design has as good a chance to win, or better, than the most ridiculous.

  • Since this race is for fun, and to avoid overcomplicating it, I do not plan for divisions based on controller. Understandably, the players with more fine control will have an advantage with these edgy cars, but that doesn’t mean that overconfidence won’t do them in. I feel this difference will work itself out in the race.


I’ll build a car for this, but I’ll not race. If anyone wants to enter as my racer, PM me.


Do you have some example cars?

Yes, are you looking to get Automation ideas or to drive it in Beam?

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Its fine, found everything :smiley:

Any displacement limits?

No, only limited by the engine types listed in the regulations. If you think you can make it work within the regulations, feel free to enter it.

Your rules say open wheel only, but all the cars I have have fenders. Is there a kart mod we should use?

Here’s a quick guide to making an open-wheel car:

  1. Choose a car model with a wheelbase, drag, and track width that are closest to your desired values

  2. Choose transparent as the color of your car in order to hide most of the body

  3. (This step requires a mod: Steam Workshop::Gizmo's "Dog-Tape NEGA"(tm) Fixture holes MAKER 4.24) Use the provided mod fixtures to eliminate any parts of the original body showing (windows, inner fenders, as you wish basically)

  4. Utilize 3D fixtures as desired to create a new body in place of the old one

  5. Design and tune the car as desired

  6. Once exported to Beam, go to the .jbeam file of the car and add “//” without the quotation marks before the chassis flexbody entry. It should look like this once you do //[“chassis1”, [“CarBody”], []…(etc.)

  7. You may also search for “collision” in the same document and change the values for the body collision and self-collision to “false” instead of “true”. This will remove the collision from the original body so that it does not interfere with the new one.

Example Car (With chassis hidden, 100% compliant with regulations):


Can you link to the Beam map mod that you’re going to be using for this? There’s more than one but one’s not supposed to be used and has lots of bugs, and the other one I can see is an abandoned project…

So does it mean we can’t design 55 Le Mans cars? :cry:

I do have one worry with this, about the Aero. Of course cars in the 50s had very little in the way of actual downforce, but for beams sake having a hidden rear wing with a little downforce to keep the car stable would be nice. Beam with no aero is a big no no.

As well as quality on certain things in the automation side. I get the feeling this is more like just drive some nice cars around rather than competitive stuff, but just wanting to make sure.

I have been testing multiple cars and of course the cornering speeds are lower than cars with aerodynamic fixtures, but it is certainly doable and much more of the spirit I am looking for. Of course we could add downforce but then suddenly we aren’t actually focusing 100% on the handling of the car while driving and testing. So no, the regulation for no aerodynamics will stand. Quality sliders are not limited in the regulations as I understand controlling weight in Beam will be difficult.

Updated OP with link to the map

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The current entrants for the 1955 Nordschleife Special GP (and a special guest) visited Italy for a showcase today.

From left to right, clockwise, we have

  • Zephorus Pitarra V8 660 S (participating in the GP)

  • Xavier 250B (participating in the GP)

  • Xavier 152FS prototype (not participating in the GP)

  • Xavier Junior 146a (participating in the GP)

  • Silvester Motors AC12 (participating in the GP)

Interested drivers should inquire with Plasmetic Raven#2285 for more information and testing opportunities.

Should have sent mine for the shot. It’s just not completed enough yet.

Also, I’m still looking for a driver.