1968 Saloon Championship Challenge

on a lack of a better title, that aside, welcome to the late 60s!
Here we will have: sedans, sedans and occasionally coupes. Even the Japanese were on it.
And you, dear competitor, you are a privateer with your fancy new(or not) sedan which you bought because you wanted to partake in one of the championships that had been hosted throughout the country.
The Rules!
You’ll be doing already the race prepped version, I figured there wouldn’t be a big difference from a homologation car and the race one.
Many classes determined by their maximum cc(1300,1600,2000,2500,3000,3500 and unlimited) but all of those are solely for scoring and congratulating winners, as such, the weight formula is universal: cc*0.18+500=your min.weight
Your maximum tire width will be 185mm up to 1300cc, 205mm up to 2000cc, 225mm up to 3500cc and 235mm beyond that(unlimited).

  • Car trim and model must be from 1968 or earlier
  • No invisible parts
  • Fuel tuning is permitted but only -2 or +2 the original with penalty points for that(-2 per +)
  • Regular leaded fuel
  • Wings banned and limit of just 2 lips or spoilers
  • Race parts permitted but with penalties(-4 per part)
  • Magnesium rims are banned, however
  • Semi-slicks banned
  • Limit of -3 and +3 quality(Depending on where applied it can impact the scoring)
  • Car has to be a sedan/saloon or a coupe that resembles a saloon(ex: Nissan Skyline 2000GTR KPGC10), so yes, 2 door “sedans” will be allowed

After your car is finished you will take it through 3 different courses, they are:
Bathurst - Mount Panorama
West Coast Street Circuit(might change, depends on how many cannot run it)
Tolban Raceway
Practice a bit and then record your best run for submission as proof of the times you claim it can get.
Playing music in the background while you record is allowed, just dont make it so it deafens the engine.

Players who place more than 2 tires off the track may receive a time penalty, this depends on how often it is done and how impactful the cut is. If you go off wide, do it accidentally for just a few frames or any other case where you didn’t notice then its likely you wont receive a penalty - just don’t abuse it.

Players who modify their cars in beamng or that use a different car for their recording will be disqualified,
I highly doubt there’s a need for this to be said but regardless.

7 points:

  • Reliability and service costs(I decided to put them together as they counteract eachother)

5 points:

  • Realism(Cars which come closer to real life score higher, zeroing this disqualifies you)
  • The race itself(Higher times, higher score)
  • Style(Will be scored by a poll)

4 bonus points:

  • Price(If your car is far cheaper than the rest, but perform decently, you deserve something)

Deadlines, Submissions & Teams
You can form teams for this competition but your members will be divided in: Engineers, Designers and Driver. What each role does should be obvious, right?
One person can occupy more than one role(ex: X is a driver and engineer) and you can participate with no teams at all! Just remember that no person can be in two teams and that you will have to credit everyone in your team.

The deadline is on September 10th, so no rush.
Submit your car via Discord(CommuneCCCP#6805, I am also in the automation discord, just dont talk much) or via the forum’s messages.
Feel free to ask anything and enjoy the challenge!

download link for mount panorama:

On that note, are there any restrictions on tire type or compound? For the former, I’m expecting entrants to be able to choose between cross-ply or radial tires, rather than being forced to exclusively use one of those. Also, the use of semi-slicks and off-road/all-terrain/utility tires should be banned outright, but any other type should be fair game.

I take this to mean “do not place a fixture and do not set the material for all of its components to transparent” - this is mainly to avoid lip/spoiler fixture cheese.

Does this mean each car have up to two lip and/or spoiler fixtures in total (two of either, or one each of both)?

For the first one that’s a good idea, I forgot about banning tire semi slicks however all-terrain/utility tires will not be banned as they will be a massive disadvantage in the street circuit.

Aye, the invisible parts rule is meant for that and the lip/spoilers is a total limit, you can have one of each or two of either.

Can I submit here? I burned out on discord and their issues

Yeah, I get you, feel free to do so