1973 Rally di Fruinia [FINISHED]

1973 Rally di Fruinia

The Rally di Fruinia is the spiritual successor of the Corso di Fruinia. It was after the 1968 incident that the organisation decided to no longer organise the competition on the open road, but instead limit itself to staged events.

The 1973 edition will consist out of a qualification event, followed by 3 championship stages. Cars from all seven classes will race each other, both within class on the basis of a points system, as in total on the basis of total time.


Class Specific Regulations

General notes:

  • Each forum user can submit one car per class.
  • Cars might be for both Class C0 as well as C1, and C5 as well as C6. You must chose one, please indicate in the post and in the PM.

Specific Rules:


C0 up to 750 cm3

maximum tire width of 135mm

minimum weight: no limit

C1 up to 1150 cm3

maximum tire width of 145mm

minimum weight: no limit

C2 from 1151 cm3 to 1300 cm3

maximum tire width of 165mm

minimum weight: 700kg

C3 from 1301 cm3 to 1600 cm3

maximum tire width of 185mm

minimum weight: 780kg

C4 from 1601 cm3 to 2000 cm3

maximum tire width of 205mm

minimum weight: 840kg

C5 over 2001 cm3

maximum tire width of 225mm

minimum weight: 980kg

C6 over 3501 cm3

maximum tire width of 265mm

minimum weight: 1120kg

Note: Exceptions to the safety requirements can be requested to adhere to the minimum weight threshold. These shall be decided on a case-by-case basis. The main criterion will be plausibility and technical consistency of the design.

Common Regulations

General Design:

  • Cars must be modified production models and have a place on the rear that can hold a licence plate (it is sufficent you use a vent/grille in the body colour to indicate where it would hang, an actual licence plate is not strictly required).

  • Cars shall have a unique number on flank(s), and bonnet, truck or roof (in the 00 or 000 form only)

  • Cars shall be two-wheel drive (rear-wheel drive cars will be driven with 13psi tires on dirt roads for extra grip).

  • Cars must be realistic and affordable, meaning:

  • One fixture / lazily-made cars will not be accepted.
  • Unrealistic quality spam / min-maxxing will not be accepted.
  • All cases will first be discussed with the entrant and if deemed necessary escalated to the broader audiance before the non-acceptance is final.
  • No further restriction on budget or quality sliders apply, but avoid extremes. I accept liberal use of negative quality as representing stripping the car for race preparation.

Engine design:

  • Use of the DOHC 4-valve engine shall be prohibited

  • Engines can run on Regular 91 or Leaded 92 RON commercially available fuels.

  • No catalytic converter or mufflers must be fitted (but they are allowed if you so choose).

  • Engine sizes within the specific rule set are calculated on the variant size, not the family size.


  • Cars shall be fitted with a manual gearbox with at least 3 forward gears and one reverse gear.

  • Alternative gear ratios may be suggested in the PM to me, I will mod them into BeamNG when possible.

  • To repeat: only two-wheel drive.


  • Cars shall not be fitted with offroad tires.

  • Cars shall have a maximum rim diameter of 15 inches.

  • Please take care of maximum tire width.


  • No restrictions.


  • Cars shall be fitted with an offroad skid tray, no further restrictions.


  • Cars shall be fitted with 2 sports seats, no entertainment and -5 quality.

Driving Aids & Safety:

  • Cars shall not have power steering.

  • Cars shall be outfitted with basic safety and -5 quality.

  • Exceptions to the safety requirements can be requested to adhere to the minimum weight threshold. These shall be decided on a case-by-case basis. The main criterion will be plausibility and technical consistency of the design.


  • No restrictions.

Explanation of competition and submission continued in post 2.




Only 8 cars per class with continue to the actual championship. To determine which cars, all cars will be given scores on the basis of performance and design.

  • Two times laps around the Small Island - Island Loop Alternate (tarmac - bad quality) - though lore-wise Targa Frucilia: cars will be given 20-16-14-12-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 points for best time and down.

  • Cars will be scored out of 20 on the basis of the following parameters:

    • Design (subjective): /5
    • Technical coherence (either realistic or plausible within known company lore): /5
    • Budget used (average and cheaper will be 5 - every 10% more expensive will be -1): /5
    • Drivability (subjective): /5

The eight cars with the best scores /40 progress to the Chamionship.


3 stages:

  • East Coast, USA - Backroads Course 1 (gravel - light; and tarmac - good quality) - Lore-wise Coma - Naefolli.
  • Utah, USA - BRC Dirt Stage 2 (mod) (gravel - rough) - Lore-wise Targa di San Marco.
  • Jungle Rock Island - Mountain Stage (tarmac - bad quality) - Lore-wise Bruscilia - Tomo Vecchio.

Here, random chance plays a roll as well:

  • Engine reliability will be the basis for random mechanic issues and time loss.
  • Trim reliability will be the basis for random incidents and accidents and time loss or DNF.

Inspiration for cars:



Please introcude your cars below. A driver and codriver have to be named, but only after qualifying, you can however chose to do so from the start. Lore is encouraged.

PM me the exported .car file:

Car model: 1973RALLY - Username.
Car trim: Name of the car.
Engine family: 1973RALLY - Username.
Engine variant: Engine name/code.

Together with any specific explanation or requests.

Deadline: 31st October 2018

List of Entries:

Number User Class Car
0 Vri404 C6 Republic CU 470 Baja
2 Aaron.W C4 Benson Bayside LD Katana Racing Team
3 Rudzis C1 Schwarzburg R1 RRS
4 stm316 C1 RAI Lyrebird 1200 RdF
5 pasinenkovarpos C1 F.E.A.B 141.rallye 1.1
6 pasinenkovarpos C3 F.E.A.B 181 1600 rallyeSO5m
7 NormanVauxhall C2 Znopresk Z112 Rally
9 saddiseased C5 Visare Varga
10 machalel C5 Epoch Artemus 3000 Mk2 RALLY
11 conan C6 Mitsushita Kuruan V8
12 DriftinCovet1987 C2 Aviator Ronolit E RXI
14 NormanVauxhall C3 Znopresk Z216 Rally
15 Mythrin C4 Ceder 409 TX Earley-RDF
17 pasinenkovarpos C5 Arpos Corvina Prototipo
18 MartinPL C4 Lutoza Halcon [R]
20 NormanVauxhall C4 Znopresk Z320
21 Chickenbiscuit C6 LMC Scorpius RSC6
22 Ornate C2 Velkolepy Popular RSI
25 Chickenbiscuit C4 LMC Ares RSC4
27 NormanVauxhall C5 KressMotorsport Z327 R
28 Murokmakto C5 TBA Arcus RS 3.0
29 JohnWaldock C3 JHW Polecat 1600GT
30 Vri404 C5 Sakura Duchess (D30) 30x Rally
31 Rudzis C4 Schwarzburg Ghul RRS
32 Knightophonix C3 FAAL Mesaia 164S FMS
33 MartinPL C0 Lutoza Enano [R]
34 Murokmakto C6 Arion V8 Rally
35 JohnWaldock C4 JHW Polecat 1900GT
37 Murokmakto C3 TBA Genius RS 1.6
38 Murokmakto C2 TBA Genius RS 1.3
39 LinkLuke C3 GMI 1500 - Modified Rally
40 machalel C2 Epoch M20 Falconeer CONCEPT
41 Crash77 C3 Alquet Mk.2 3Git
42 Crash77 C4 Benson Bayside Rally
43 Murokmakto C4 TBA Arcus RS 2.0
44 Mythrin C3 Ceder 307 Angotti Rally
46 JohnWaldock C5 JHW Typhoon ‘Rally di Fruinia’
49 z2bbgr C3 SBA Gracelet Swift Gr.2
50 LS-Vehicles C0 Teuvo Halo
51 LS-Vehicles C2 Teuvo Javelin
52 LS-Vehicles C4 Teuvo PKM
53 LS-Vehicles C1 Teuvo Halo IS
54 LS-Vehicles C6 Teuvo Kiila
61 Nivracer C0 KMC Risparmio
62 Nivracer C5 KMC Citazione
63 Nivracer C6 KMC GTP4.4
75 Nicking_HC C1 Hugi Aurea TS V2
76 Nicking_HC C3 Hugi Rioter Mk3 LT (V2.5)
77 Xepy C3 Ars Zepar R1500
80 machalel C1 Bechov E 2144 AVTOPROBEG
82 JohnWaldock C6 JHW Typhoon ‘Thundergun’
83 HighOctaneLove C0 Bogliq Fanatic 75AE
84 Mr.Computah C1 Contendiente C100
85 HighOctaneLove C1 Bogliq Fanatic 115AE
86 HighOctaneLove C2 Bogliq Kitten 130AE
87 DriftinCovet1987 C3 Aviator Primavera RXI
90 pasinenkovarpos C6 Kopo Dakota LSEA Rally SaS
92 phale C5 Inline Designs Adenine Vindicator
93 phale C6 Inline Designs Gasril Yearling
94 machalel C3 Epoch M10 B1500 RALLY
95 machalel C0 Bechov B 1132 AVTOPROBEG
97 HighOctaneLove C3 Bogliq Zealot 160AE
98 HighOctaneLove C4 Bogliq Mackaw 200AE v2
99 HighOctaneLove C5 Bogliq Mutineer 460AE
101 machalel C4 Epoch M10 A2000s RALLY
103 Rk38 C3 Maesima NV-965 1600 4MT Sedan Rallye
104 Rk38 C1 B.O.S.C.A. Tipo 4C 995 4MT Rally
105 Rk38 C4 DHB 220B Rallye
107 Rk38 C6 DHB Special 66A V8 4MT Rallye
108 Rk38 C5 Maesima NRZ-966 Touring SL300 Rallye
109 SideswipeBL C4 Turbina 2000 Sedan
111 conan C1 Mitsushita Kitty 100 GT
112 Dorifto_Dorito C4 Merciel 302 Rally
113 MartinPL C1 Lutoza Avispa I [R]
117 Awildgermanappears C6 Rockway TranStar GR350
120 MartinPL C2 Lutoza Velocista [R]
121 loflyh C5 Retro Age Motors Marova X Rally
122 loflyh C6 RAW-Sidewinder 440 Rally
126 Elektrycerz C0 EAG LET Silverbird 3c
127 Elektrycerz C1 EAG LET Silverbird 4c
130 VicVictory C2 Keystone R1300 Savant Rally
131 Alib C3 Bramble Flint
132 Alib C0 Bramble Project 10
160 Bmaggiori C2 Coyote 1300
181 machalel C6 Epoch M30 Regalis Rex (1.5 Gen) RALLY
195 MartinPL C3 Lutoza Europa [R]
196 Alib C4 Bramble Procida R
203 Elektrycerz C3 Eagle 203 Rally
204 abg7 C4 Linden LJ2 Rallye
214 Elektrycerz C2 Eagle 204 Rally
223 MartinPL C5 Lutoza Escorpion [R]
232 DriftinCovet1987 C1 Mouton Premier 1100 R
249 Mythrin C6 Venegoni Spatha 3800SS Rally
276 MartinPL C6 Lutoza Yarara [R]
286 stm316 C3 G&W Seax 73 RdF C3-1600
291 DriftinCovet1987 C0 Mouton Cherie 750 R
303 Elektrycerz C5 Eagle 303 Rally
310 Mythrin C2 Ceder 506 Ceder Competition
321 stm316 C2 RAI Lyrebird 1300
328 CC9020 C6 Fuji Sabre 4200 S 12 Rally
353 DriftinCovet1987 C4 Fauxhill Mockingjay 2.0
386 stm316 C4 G&W Seax 73 RdF C4-1900
395 LinkLuke C0 GMI 400 Rally
396 VG33E C6 Fascia Corsa
406 Awildgermanappears C5 IMP F65 R5 Diesel
420 conan C5 Mitsushita 3200TCSI
423 DriftinCovet1987 C5 KZNG Comrade 6-3-2 SC
486 stm316 C5 G&W Seax 73 Windsor RdF C5-2700
527 electroGG C5 SW Spunk
528 electroGG C2 SW Azur Rally
529 electroGG C0 SW Nugget Rally
530 electroGG C3 SW Okta Rally
532 electroGG C6 SW Kong Rally
533 VG33E C5 Also a Fascia Corsa
545 Vri404 C3 Sakura Empress (E11) SRS-Rally
574 LinkLuke C2 LLA S130RS
575 LinkLuke C1 LLA 120 Rally
586 stm316 C6 G&W Seax 73 Blue Oval RdF C6-3501
604 Elektrycerz C4 Eagle 604 Rally
652 Obfuscious C0 WM Aeromouse HDV8
654 Obfuscious C3 LPE Geneva
657 Obfuscious C2 WM Aeromouse Whirlwind
658 Obfuscious C5 LPE VanGo
659 Obfuscious C1 WM iSSi Whirlwind
662 Madrias C6 Sinistra Savage 662 MCI
663 Watermelon3878 C3 CMV C16 Rallye
664 Watermelon3878 C4 CMV C20 Rallye
665 Watermelon3878 C5 CMV C35 Rallye
689 zschmeez C4 Albatross RS200
690 zschmeez C1 Albatross RS115
691 zschmeez C0 Albatross RS75
694 Obfuscious C6 LPE Moccasin RS
697 Obfuscious C4 Sparrow Hawk
703 Mikonp7 C3 BuergerFahrzeug SLF Rally di Fruinia
704 Mikonp7 C4 Deer And Hunt Reema 1970 Rally
705 Mikonp7 C5 Neko Pure Rally di Fruinia
706 Mikonp7 C6 Deer and Hunt SuperCoupe MKII Rally di Fruinia
711 yurimacs C5 Lagau Vuelta Rallye
750 VicVictory C0 Suzume Ebi Kei 500 Concept
751 VicVictory C1 Suzume Kitami Rally Special
752 VicVictory C3 Suzume Hosho 1.6RS B-Spec
753 VicVictory C4 Ardent Sentinel EuroRally
754 VicVictory C5 Ardent Sentinel 329 GT Rally
755 VicVictory C6 Ardent Chesapeake 333 GT Rally
765 Nicking_HC C6 D-A-B Owlette Esse
777 HighOctaneLove C6 Bogliq Maverick 700AE
802 Elektrycerz C6 Eagle 802 Purple Sky
811 The AlmightyTwingo C1 Meijer Tokyo 66 Europe 1099cc RDF
812 The AlmightyTwingo C2 Meijer Hakone 65 SSi-12 RDF
813 The AlmightyTwingo C3 Meijer Azure 71 1399cc RDF
820 The AlmightyTwingo C4 Meijer Sakura 72 SI44 RDF
835 The AlmightyTwingo C5 Meijer Azure 71 Turin 3500 RDF
836 The AlmightyTwingo C0 Meijer Tokyo 66 Kei 360cc RDF
880 albacete84a C0 Toramania Rennen 265 RW
911 Dorifto_Dorito C6 MEN 1260X Gdansk 550 Custom
959 Lava_Cake C3 VMC Hyperion Rallye
960 Lava_Cake C2 VMC Hyperion Rallye
964 Watermelon3878 C0 TIny 750 Rallye
970 DriftinCovet1987 C6 Gatz Verno 650-12
971 RaduST C0 Lastun D750
972 RaduST C1 Lastun D1150
973 RaduST C3 Apulum Apriga D1600
982 ryangaming5 C3 Miranda FTV-90
993 Watermelon3878 C1 Tiny 1100 Rallye
994 Lastgameking C6 Hunson Judgy Super SII Rally
996 Watermelon3878 C2 Tiny 1300 Sedan Rallye
997 VG33E C2 Besffusci Kresta Rally
998 conan C4 Ananda Loke 2000 SR
999 Dorifto_Dorito C0 Merciel Modele 1949 Modele 49 La Course '70

Oh no, 2 years too early to compete with a Daito Alissa :disappointed_relieved:

Would you consider a group B-style combined tyre width restriction?

I would also look at the C2-C3-C4 weight/tyre balance–just theorycrafting, but gaining 50kg/20mm from C2 to C3 and then 100kg/10mm from C3 to C4 seems odd. (I haven’t built cars to them, so ignore this if you have experimental evidence for those tradeoffs.)

Will we be given an opportunity to experience said event (or cause it) at some point in the future…past…whatever?

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1973… I may have a car or two to pick from. They are Sinistra Lore cars, (though neither made it into the lore thread due to computer problems during that particular challenge), so they will be FWD. The engine, however, is 3.9 liters of V6, so… Yeah, we’re a little on the big side.

But I think I can manage to get the Generation 1 Sinistra Traville into this with a bit of minor tweaking.

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I was inspired by Group A and B restrictions, I settled on these on the basis of a few test mules I built. Again, stages are low speed, tight, and twisty affairs. It is no coincidence that a low class, relatively low power/weight ratio car won my Corso di Fruinia challenge. Light and small engined with useful power I expect to reign supreme again.

(On that note, general hint to those who read this. Short gear ratios. Don’t get tricked by what Automation tells you. No one needs to go 70 km/h and up in first gear in rally.)

Maybe yes, maybe no. Maybe that’s an invitation to suggest a backstory.


Will there be any technical benefit to running regular unleaded (as regular leaded has slightly higher octane in the game)?

Edit: additionally, what all are we allowed to do to add weight to fit in a certain weight requirement (for example, can we add seats)?

Sooooooo… are semi slicks allowed then?

31st. It’s 31st.


Are we allowed to deviate from the interior and safety requirements in order to minimum weight?


What is this supposed to mean? Racing numbers can only have two or three digits?


I’m pretty sure you never cited a budget.

Interesting… I’ll send at least two cars.
If i can figure out the design, 3. But 2 are already done (full lore)

The Žnoprešk Z100

And the Žnoprešk Z200

These are the successors of the cars sent in the 1953


'73… I might actually be able to do a unified banner this time!

reads the specs

… mostly. Looks like C1/C2 will still have to be a Suzume.


I get why such valvetrains are banned outright for this challenge - they’re too complicated and new-fangled for 1973. However, are 2-valve DOHC valvetrains allowed?

Sure. It is allowed.

Thanks for the spot, that was a typo.

I leave that up to preference and lore. I took that from official historical regulations, where it simply stated the cars must be able to run on locally available commercial fuel.

Yes, not sure they’d give you an advantage on dirt roads though.

Basically the minimum weight limits are a hidden limitation on the bodies that you can use per class. Basically I don’t want a light aluminium sports car with a 4 litre V8. I just want to open the rally up for the big American boats in people’s lore should they so wish.

I understand the request though, and shall add the following to the rule set:

  • Exceptions to the safety requirements can be requested to adhere to the minimum weight threshold. These shall be decided on a case-by-case basis. The main criterion will be plausibility and technical consistency of the design.

You ask it as if you just read the most unreasonable thing in the world. Number can be 00-99 (or 000-099) and (100-999). You cannot have a car with number 1 or 1000. You can have a car with 01 or 001.

Luckily the game does this for me. I just read it of the market tab with 0% mark up.

Correct, I decided them to be unrealistic. 2-valve DOHC were used, mainly in Italian engines, IIRC. So, yes, those can be used.

to counterpoint to that: Nissan, Ford, and Lotus all had 4 valve DOHC engines in full production by 1973. and Triumph had a 4 valve SOHC at that point, too.

not to mention that Alfa Romeo and Duesenberg started using 4 valve on select road cars in the late 1920’s.

Nobody said that SOHC 4v isn’t allowed.

Which is why you can use all the SOHC 4v you like. :slight_smile:

The DOHC 4v I get the point, but I want to limit min-maxxing. I consider them a bit too overpowered in this time period. Plus I want people to be allowed to use SOHC and OHV where it makes sense and fits lore, without handicapping themselves.

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