1976 Chrysler/Mitsubishi Galant

Alrighty since i have been having a ball with this game, and have created a few IRL engines in game i figured i would also upload some details and pictures of my car since its a bit out of the ordinary.

It is a 1976 Chrysler Galant, the reason it says mitsubishi in the title because technically it is, mitsubishi imported these around the world to chrysler/dodge/plymouth ect. along with other cars, once at their destination they were assembled and badged (in this case Chrysler australia badged and plated it a chrysler galant). From factory the GD 1976 model was equiped with a 1.6l SOHC 4G32 engine (some also come with 1400 and 1500 engines) and with the option for either a 4 speed manual or a 3 speed automatic. my car started life as a 1600 3 speed auto, and when i found it was in the process of being fixed up buy a guy in his 40’s-50’s who due to health problems couldnt continue fixing it. so my plan was to finish fixing it up and use it as a daily driver.

This is it when i first got it.

Since then i have put a worked motor (4G32 decompressed ready for boost, 40thou over pistons, head has been worked) that i got out of a wreck in it, new wheels, stereo system and a 5 speed manual conversion. as well as a lot of other small bits and peices.

This is it now

Plans are now to turbo it and have it as a fun car and build myself another daily using this

But first i have to fix this thing up for my little sister to drive (71 Galant)

VGJONO :slight_smile:

Installed some mods

Had some awesome fun out at Queensland Raceway this weekend just gone

I have a bunch of dashcam video’s from the day aswell

Damn, thats cool. I love those classic JDM cars… Some people think they were ugly, but I love that classic JDM styling.

Sadly they are pretty rare in North America these days. I can’t recall ever actually seeing one on the road… Where abouts do you live?