1980 International Harvester Scout II Traveler TurboDiesel

This is the 1980 IH Scout II Traveler that has been in my possession since August 2013:

And a shotty picture of the interior (only one i had close at hand)

My engine is the original Nissan SD33T Turbodiesel with 100k miles on it.

(yes, that is a milk jug where the washer fluid reservoir should go)

Max. Output: 101 HP at 3800rpm
Max. Torque: 148 LB-Ft at 2200 rpm
TYPE: 4-cycle, water-cooled diesel
COMBUSTION: Swirl Chamber
CYLINDERS: 6, in-line, vertical
BORE x STROKE: 83x100mm (3.27x3.94in.)
WEIGHT (DRY): Approx. 305 kg
Some facts on materials in it:

CYLINDER BLOCK High-strength cast iron with replaceable dry liners.
CYLINDER HEAD One-piece high-strength cast iron; special cast-iron valve inserts are shrink-fitted.
CRANKSHAFT Drop-forged steel with balance weights; all main and connecting rod bearing surfaces are induction-hardened.
PISTON AND RINGS Aluminum alloy piston for high strength, lightweight and good heat conductivity; three compression and two oil control rings are chrome-plated for long service life.
CAMSHAFT High-quality cast iron; lobes are specially processed to improve hardness and durability.
BEARINGS Precision type, steel-backed trimetal shell; five main bearings. VALVES Overhead valves; one intake and exhaust per cylinder; made of special heat-resistant steel; exhaust valve with stellite-treated surface.

It has a Borg-Warner T-19 Wide Ratio 4-Speed Manual with a 6.28:1 first gear. It came from the factory with a Dana 300 Transfer Case and Dana 44 Differentials front and rear.
It has the original Tartan Blue plain interior. Almost everything about the truck is original. It was built in the last year International Built Scouts, and was purchased in Portland, Oregon, US and spend the last 9 years in Traverse City, Michigan, US. It now is taking a break from the salt in sunny Dallas, Texas, US. Being a northern vehicle, it is practically rust free; the biggest rust hole is the size of a quarter. The top is removable and I plan to take it off on Memorial Day and put it back on on Labor Day. I bought it sight unseen on eBay for $6600 at auction. I had it shipped down to Texas and the rest is history.

Early Nissan diesel 6? that engine will outlast everything on this planet bar Nokia 3310’s! I really wish we got more of the US truck/pickups over here in Oz, especially C10’s