1982 Toyota 5M-GE

Ok, here is my 95% accurate version of the 1982 spec 5M-GE in Automation, the only flaws are around 2 nm of extra torque and i had to make it in year 1988 for the EFI system (i partially fixed this by setting quality to -6)
5M-GERev0.lua (42.5 KB)

Did you try -7 or was that a too big of a drop?

Well, my original setting was -7 but i changed to -6 for setting the tech to 1982, i didn’t even notice the difference

hmm I tried messing around with it…I might try the cam profile next…

Done it EnryGT5 set the Cam profile to 51 and set the Ignition timing to 39 and you will have 145bhp @ 6500rpm and 140ft-lbs @ 3900rpm :smiley:
5M-GERev1.lua (42.4 KB)

Hmmm… i never thought of making the ignition timing that low… Thanks :smiley:

took me a hell of a lot of fiddling about but I got it spot on :slight_smile:

You can always change the .lua file to increase your techpool. That will allow to recreate the fact that Toyota was more advanced than others by investing into research.

so you mean turn the Tech pool to 20 but I dont find that interesting really but I find fiddling with the engine to be more exciting :slight_smile: personal preference I mean

Toyota was advanced technologically in 80’s - that is the fact. So, turning the Techpool to reasonable level (+10, for an instance) would just recreate the real circumstances behind this engine. Of course, it is fully possible to reach the same power and torque figures without this trick, but the resulting engine would not be the 1982 motor with advanced technology, just a 1988 engine with horrible quality.

ah I see what your getting at xD…yeah I do think with Japanese Engines they are still EXTREMELY advanced even today but idk