1982 Viper Concept Car Buildoff

Thank you. You’re right, it looked like Dodge was suffering from a major identity crisis in the early '80’s. I totally see the Mitsu influence in yours.

Excited to start checking these out, 10 days left to enter!


completely forgot this was a thing, time to rush out a car

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I forgot about this too - going to submit this weekend. Have a 2.2L Turbo Chrysler engine prepped…

Here’s my entry - powered by the Chrysler 2.2L with 192 boosted horses, it gallops to 60 in 5.3 seconds and all the way to 150mph. A modernized version of the Shelby Cobra, it has a removeable roof and rear window to simulate a roofless experience in the safety conscious 80s.

Oh, and unlike the Cobra it gets 30mpg.


hey for funsies someone should plug this what if scenario into the AI art programs from the other thread. I’ll post it.

That’s much more sensible than my entry. I strapped a couple turbos to a 318 cid V8. Don’t even remember the performance numbers but it was pretty ridiculous for 1982 lol.

I’ve updated my build w/ a quick interior, not really an interior person so forgive the lack of work behind the seats. I used the google link to post all the required elements.


I think i stroked out


looks more 60’s than 80’s tbh

1982 Dodge Viper GTA Concept

More Images


First half of entrant showcases:


The 13-25 entry set is on his youtube now.

All I have to say is that “scary” is what I was going for. It isn’t that scary if you modulate that throttle though, and in this way it is just like the O.G. Viper.

1982 Viper Concept Automation Buildoff - Entries 13-25 - YouTube ICYMI this is set 13-25

and also the 12 Finalists I hand picked as well as the first challenge!


I have chosen my 6 picks, now they are going to get vetted by not just myself, but an actual automotive journalist, to choose THE 82 Concept car!


Glad I got to be a finalist! I expected the be trounced looking at overall power (going with a 4).

Got the help of former Evo and Hagerty writer Antony Ingram to help me choose a winner in BeamMP