1982 Viper Concept Car Buildoff

Build Deadline: Feb 17 2023

This is a build competition similar to the one I ran in 2018, where viewers built cars in the theme of the “Next Generation” 2020 Dodge Viper, and I reviewed and ranked them via driving them in BeamNG. It is not quite the traditional competition. This time I am looking for 1982 Viper Concept Cars, so imagine if the viper had come out 10 years prior. The video has detailed instructions on how to enter, but the basics are as follows:

As mentioned in the video, mods are welcome, but ideally use the collection here to ensure your fixtures are properly represented: Steam Workshop::[NEW] All Current Mods for 4.27 (373) [Delta's Current Mod Amalgamation]

The only hard rules are:

  • Model year must be 1982
  • Model must be named your Alias
  • All 3 required files (.car, screenshot, text description document) must be in a folder of your alias on the drive.

Submission form (private entry): https://forms.gle/kTMVvyG73HA3Epy68
The Submission link (public entry):
Viper Buildoff 2023 - Google Drive

If you have any questions feel free to ask, and if I need to adjust my post format feel free to let me know, this is my first time sharing one of these buildoffs on the forum so I might need to learn the format a bit. Thanks for checking out the competition and I hope you come up with something great!


lmao Txt files? Thats a new one to me

What body is the Viper replica in the header image built on? I’m not sure if it’s one of the Bean body sets or, ironically, one of the Vendetta body sets, but I suspect it’s the latter.

Yeah, this isn’t your typical just “I gave your design this many numbers of score” kind of deal, so I like to have a little written information as to your intentions with the build so I can better understand what you were going for.

I was hesitant to post it here as we do not follow the typical meta of the Automation community as far as our build challenges go…but we’ll see. I’m sure I sound like a boomer asking for txt docs :sweat_smile:

yeah uh…ya kinda do lmao.

It is with great irony, the Vendetta.

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Back in the Kee era, one of the available (mod) bodies resembled a first-gen Viper, but it hasn’t been remade for any UE4 release. You did, however, make the right decision to use the Vendetta as a base for the Viper replica shown in the OP - with careful fixture choice, scaling and placement, you managed to get very close to the real-life car, especially when combined with skillful adjustment of the Vendetta’s morphing zones.


Now this should be interesting.

I have been working on a car, but I have a slight concern. I want to submit early, but I don’t want my car to be publicly available until after the buildoff. The current format seems to expose everyone’s car (for instance, I can view and download yours).

I’d suggest using Google Forms or similar to allow make sure other people can’t view submissions ahead of time.

Meanwhile… Enjoy a nice photo.

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I will put together a private submission form. I’m used to these competitions kind of being only posted within our community so I didn’t consider the public drive aspect of it, apologies.

Done. There is now a private form entry option. https://forms.gle/kTMVvyG73HA3Epy68

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This is interesting. Dodge engineers were in a totally different mindframe back in the early 80’s. They were thinking up things more like the M4S (Mid-engined 4-cyclinder Sportscar) Turbo Interceptor.

Twin turbo 2.2L Cossie-headed engine good for 440HP.

Which makes me think the Mitsubishi sake was getting to them pretty hard by then. Imagine if they would have kept developing the Starion…

Anyway, I’ll have to start over (looks like a Viper from 1970 IMO) but I had this going

edit: Also, no techpool rules, etc? So its just a design competition then, or are you taking these out on Beam? All the cars I build are optimized for Beam so I don’t grow bored building them.


I actually have a VERY similar design going for mine, but on a much more squared-off '80’s body. I’m also taking inspiration from the Dodge Diamante design of the '70’s:

Let’s not forget that Dodge probably got cocky (cokey!?) in the later 80’s because that’s when Chrysler acquired Lamborghini, who cast the alu block for the Viper.


They will be tested in beam, handling and performance are tied heavily into realism so i won’t worry about what quality points are used.

Copy that.

I spent the afternoon and came up with a candidate.

Are you wanting interiors? Maybe at least a dash for Beam inside driving?


Some interior would boost your chances of being in the final 12 as it will definitely help the beauty shots and driving

The Viper SCT-6


Looks like we ended up building our cars on the same body. Here’s mine:



Sweet, yeah it’s a no brainer if a Viper wasn’t going to come from from what Mitsubishi was feeding Dodge back then.