1986 Simson S51 / 1974 Simson Habicht [Not Cars!]

I want to share my passion for Oldtimer Scooters made in my home, the GDR, although I was not born back then :wink:
I know they are no beasts, but they have a charme I just can’t resist! :slight_smile:
They are made so simple that they virtually never break down. And if the do, all you need is a a screwdriver(and maybe a wrench or two) to fix
anything yourself, even if you are no expert. They were made to last - and that they do!

Firstly my Simson S51 N built 1986
Specs: ~50 cm³ , 4 Gears, 2-stroke, 1 cyl.
max. Speed ~65 km/h
no turn signals, no battery, no electronics^^ (original)
2,72KW @ 5500 RPM


and secondly my Simson SR4-4 “Habicht” (=german, goshawk) built 1972
Specs: see S51, but with turn signals/battery :wink:
2,5KW @ 5750 RPM

s7.directupload.net/images/130101/temp/gjkaiy5m.jpg s7.directupload.net/images/130101/temp/r3hr62ep.jpg

This is an old Picture of it, but I couldn’t find any newer. By now I restored to its original condition by painting it the olivegreen/cream and using
one of the rare 4-gear engines, that it should have.

So that’s it. I hope I will find here some people who can understand my fondness of Simson Mopeds!


Nice. :slight_smile: you are from Germany–> Saxony?

Yes, I am from Germany, though from Saxony-Anhalt. But Saxony was almost right :wink:

Heyya! Nice Mopeds. I have S51 (look at my thoead in here)
The S51N I a very basic model, i don’t miss my 4 Gears and not working turn signals (because battery is empty again - i should drive more)