1986 SuperCar Robostrop Challenge - Entry closes 15th July

Hey everyone, I’ve run a few competitions directly on Discord and want to open this one up to the forums (or at least make people aware) - I know not everyone likes to submit on discord, but that’s the way I like to do it!

Your car will be scored against Strop driving an accurate 1986 B2K Turbo Callaway Corvette Replica.

This is a Beam NG biased competition - where I will drive the cars on beam at length with some scoring from automation. your cars will be tested with a fanatec Clubsport wheels and pedals - with a minimum of 15 minutes driving time for each entry.

Entry Closing Date - End of July 15th - One submission only, no resubmissions - 1 submission per person.

Competition video here:

ROBOSTROP 86 - An alternative timeline 80’s supercar challenge - in a World where the police are ruthless automated Robocops and real men earn the respect of their peers by driving very fast in fast cars.

Submission: Discord - Submission Channel:

You must submit the .CAR file

Naming MUST be as follows:

First Box - RS86

Second Box - Your Discord Username

Third Box - Your Entry Make Name

Fourth Box - Your Entry Model Name

Course: Mount Coot-tha - https://www.beamng.com/resources/mount-coot-tha.7792/

model year - everything set to 1986

Objective: Build a well rounded Authentic 80’s supercar that can defeat the fastest robo traffic cop in LA, Robo Strop. If you impress Robostrop and his corrupt capitalist overlords at Omni Consumer Products … you’ll get a free pass to drive fast forevermore, if you lose, you’ll never show your face on Strop’s Roads again on pain of being served and given justice.

Automation Scoring: Automation Category scores (Supercar + Track Premium + GT Premium) Ranked 1st=20 points, 2nd=19 points and so on - Cookie Engineering Score (out of 10) - Styling (out of 10)

Top 10 go to the Beam Round: Driving Experience (Out of 10) + Time (Ranked) - Each Car will get 15 minutes or more on Mount Coot-tha for driving impressions and the fastest lap will be counted.

Well balanced cars with engaging road manners and not too difficult to drive will be favored in the driving experienced scores.

Extra points for authentic and/or replicas (either engine or body or both) or enhanced versions of authentic cars - e.g. turbo Ferrari etc…
Extra points for interesting and unusual configurations (e.g. FR Boxer 6 turbo or anything that’s not very common at the time)
Extra points for perfect balance and throttle adjustability
Style is authentic 80’s supercar with an alternative Twist.


Comfort - 25 or better
Drivability - 42 or better (Mid or rear engine) 38 or better (Front Engine)
Reliability - 45 or better
Safety - 35 or better
mpg - 15 (US) or better
Top Speed - 150mph in Automation minimum


Max cost $150K
Car PU - 204 Max
Car ET - 336 Max
Aero - Must be road legal - within the footprint of the body of the vehicle (from top view) - no Aero Mods
2WD only
2 or 4 or 5 seats
Max Service costs - $3000 (total vehicle service costs)


Engine PU 130 Max
Engine ET 220 Max
Engine Cost $2200 Max
Fuel 95RON
Exhaust - Catalyst and 2 Mufflers (Minimum Straight through)
No Engine Stress allowed


Sports tires or worse
17" rim size max
Width 345 Max
Minimum Profile 35
Ride Height - 110mm or more

Mod Bodies NOT allowed
Mod Aero NOT allowed

Mod fixtures allowed - At own risk
You must include steam workshop link to any mods - or they may not get onto your car - I will install any mods but if they don’t work your car will be judged without them.

Hope to see some of you guys entering!


I will do my utmost best to find time to make something for this competition! It’s the style I love.

I’ll be watching this intently… from afar unfortunately

I mean you could imagine me as Robocop :tm: but that would be ignoring the fact that I’m a horse.

So you’ll just have to imagine me as a robo-horse cop from the 80s.

Which essentially makes me 30-30 from Bravestarr


Which, considering he was the thuggish one, means I will absolutely fuck your shit up if you fail :smile:

Happy racing!


So are these cars supposed to be regular supercars like a Countach, Testarossa, etc, or can they be tuned versions of lower-end sportscars? If the police car is a tuned Vette, I’d be inclined to build the latter.

Ah finally a chance to rebuild one of my favorite lore cars, the Buffalo, a muscle car that punches in the supercar class. This top of the line 455GT trim sports a 7456cc 24 valve V8 and uprated interior features.


They can be replicas, or tuned versions, or your own unique creating, as long as they fit the ruleset.

It would be a lot cooler if the punishment for failure was immediate destruction… with a bazooka!

Oh I’ll destroy you all right with my bazooka

That can be arranged!

looks good! I’m gonna drive it now to see what its like.

RS87 - Vlados_akam.car (31.8 KB)


Drivability is my enemy in this challenge :frowning:

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how much power are you running? The drivability target shouldn’t be that hard to hit.

Well I’m going mid engine, so that makes it a little harder. I can get drivability within the limits by having different tyre sizes front and rear, but then my servicing costs blow out… :\

I’m probably trying to be too ambitious… Need to aim for Ferrari 328, not F50 maybe :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah the F50 might be a bit ambitious considering it didn’t exist until 1995 :joy:

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Yeah, when I sat down and compared the stats, that’s what it was competing against…

My refined and not as crazy entry is looking a lot better at managing to meet all the requirements. Drivability is still my enemy, however only in BeamNG now :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Ugh! Man… I’m stuck with a car that either understeers everywhere, or snap oversteers on every corner :sa:

Are you on the discord ? I can test drive it also if u want some input!

Thanks, but I’m pretty much finished now :slight_smile:

Teaser Pic:


Ah I was going to leave it until later, but not going to be able to access until after the due date, so here is my proper entry^:

1986 Boccaccino - Celeres Centuria

The story of Boccaccino is one that is rich in style, sophistication, and a dedication to doing things differently, yet there is one automobile that remains one of the most interesting yardsticks in the marque’s long history; the Boccaccino Celeres.

Originally conceived in the mid 1970’s, the designers were required to exercise patience until technology could catch up to their vision. The Celeres’s unique shape and juxtaposition of soft angular flow give us a very different car compared to the traditional designs of the period.

The beating heart of this vehicle was based upon the natural evolution of the prior v12 engine, which had won universal acclaim from both customers and critics, however it was decided that something a little bit more special was warranted this time around. The Boccaccino Celeres was initially offered in two specifications, the road-based Celeres Centuria and the track-focused Celeres Tribunis, with both featuring the new turbocharged 3.4-litre v16 engine, mounted transversely behind the cabin. Where the Celeres Ceturia is an elegant fusion of luxury and power that embodied timeless class, the Celeres Tribunis is a raw expression of humanity’s desire to prove superiority over nature. This deliberate dichotomy serves to prove that there is no other mode of transport like a Boccaccino.

More Pics

^ Wanky marketing speak intentional


How dare you! You basically used exactly my headlight combination! And that while without even knowing how I designed them! DEVIL!

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