1989 Merkur XR4Ti

Hello I own a 1989 Merkur XR4Ti… a little about it i bought it back in april of 2013 for 1600, now for 1600 you would already assume that it had issues which it did… i had bought it with a shot from driver strut, the drive shaft was about to fall off, the engine cam was warn head was cracked in many places, the exhaust rusted to hell, the rack and pinion steering bad, pretty much all sensors and such… but transmission was good, engine block good, for a wisconsin car hardly any under body or frame rust… its what you expect for a 80s car that has 150k miles… it is my daily driver and i have so far replaced pretty much the entire upper end besides the intake, turbo, headers, throttle body… distributor is new, cam is a ranger cam which is one of the best cams for this car, and stinger performance valves and springs… as far as i know ever problem that was of the car is now fix up and perfect aside from my interior… my leather seats are cracked, tach does not work, fuel gauge does not work… etc little quirks, but my plans are to come this summer, i plan to add a cosworth intercooler with a bypass valve, new polished headers, new intake, throttle body, and fuel rail, boost up the turbo to a safe 17lbs and from what im told from fellow merkur owners just that will put me up into the 250’s at least… then after about 2-3 years im getting the engine, trans all rebuilt and then goes in new connecting rods, crank shaft, give it a slight bore etc… fantastic plans! it currently is my daily. These are about the best pics i have atm…

I love these cars. Same motor as my old Turbo Coupe! :smiley: Sounds like you have some good plans there, best of luck man.

Quick question… is this a 3-spd auto, or 5-spd manual?

unfortunately the 3 speed auto but it has a manual valve body and a shift kit… the previous owners doing, he also did something to it i have no idea what that its timing tables are also set up for manual specs… its only set at a stock 10lbs but when i had the car dyno’d she ran 182hp, 197lb tq… so one mystery iv been trying to figure out.

An aquaintance of mine at college was looking for one of these. I found him one, but it had sold pretty much immediately after it was posted for sale. Neat cars from what little I know about them.