1990 Ford 460 EFI

For my first attempt at recreating a real engine, I decided to pay homage to a great workhorse with 30 years of history. Bore (should be 4.360, rounded to 4.358)/stroke, materials, valvetrain type, compression, etc are correct. The horsepower is dead on 245 @ 4,400 RPM, and the amount of torque is right, but I can’t seem to get the torque to peak at 2,600 RPM. I played with the cam/mix/ignition, but I can’t seem to make it happen. It just keeps screwing up the HP numbers. Here’s the Ford 460 in EFI guise and my hat’s off to anyone who can get 245HP@4400 and 400lb/ft@2600.

Ford 460 EFIRev0.lua (36.3 KB)

Try changing the quality slider… I might have a go at this one later when I’m on my PC :slight_smile: