1991 Great Archanean Trek [FINAL RESULTS]

Welcome to the 25th edition of the Great Archanian Trek

The great Archanian Trek is an offroad endurance rally open to amateur and professional drivers. The terrain is tough but not unpassable. Rather than speed, durability and drivability will play a serious role in who finishes in the least time. There are three classes to compete in: buggy, offroad, and truck.


This competition is simulation a Paris-Dakar style event. You will need a sturdy, big wheeled vehicle. Stages will be communicated only after the deadline, with a nice aimpoint is that it should be able to perform something (if not fully complete, this will not be one of the stages), the rock crawling of the BeamNG route East Coast USA - Off-Road Trial 1.


The following elements will determine the outcome:

  • stage time
  • reliability (engine+trim)
  • low service costs
  • fuel consumption

General rules

  • All working workshop mods allowed
  • Car and engine trim at the latest 1991
  • All vehicles must run Regular 91 RON Fuel
  • All vehicles have a maximum rim diameter of 15"
  • All vehicles must be equipped with Offroad Tires
  • All vehicles must have an Offroad Skidtray
  • All vehicles must have at least 2 proper seats
  • Vehicles must be road legal (headlights, taillights, indicators front and rear and at least one set on the side, at least one reverse light, licence plate at the least on the rear)
  • Vehicles must be realistic in design (if you’re not comfortable with an 80s design, go for an earlier one and put in a newer engine - for the buggies it’s just the shell, so the whole car can be 1991 here but styled 50s) - also make sure the wheels are not clipping the body.
  • Part of that realistic vehicle part includes the prohibition of quality spam with the singular aim to greatly increase reliability or fuel economy. In general, though, you are free to adapt the quality sliders. Keep in mind though, that I keep the right here to ask you to modify your submission on a motivated but discretionary basis.
  • You can enter up to 4 vehicles (2 different buggies, 1 offroader, 1 truck)
  • A racing number will be allocated to you upon entry, in order of entry, but you can indicate on your car where you want your number(s) by placing “000” on the vehicle as placeholder

Additional Class Specific Rules


  • Only car bodies with less than four doors
  • Panel Material must be Fiber Glass
  • Chassis must be Space Frame
  • Gearbox must be Manual
  • Must have 2 sport seats and no entertainment
  • Cannot have Power Steering, Traction Aids or Safety


  • Only Offroad type car bodies with less than four doors
  • Panel Material cannot be Fiber Glass
  • Chassis cannot be Space Frame
  • Weight must be under 1500kg


  • Only Offroad, Pickup, and Van type car bodies
  • Panel Material cannot be Fiber Glass
  • Chassis cannot be Space Frame
  • Weight must be over 1500kg

Some tips:

  • Read the rules carefully and double-check.
  • Up the diameter of your tires as much as you can without clipping the body.
  • Lift the suspension but not too high, and don’t combine it with a setting that is too soft. A car that bottoms on the rear or front when accelerating or braking is useless.
  • Keep the gear ratio low; ignore prompts from Automation about this, including things like wheel spin. At no point the cars will be going much over 120 kph (80mph).
  • Don’t overdo it on the power front, usable low end power is more important. Among other cars, I tested all tracks with a dinky little 1965 1.1 liter 55 horsepower car. It did not lose much time to the big power houses.

To Compete:

Please introcude your car(s) below. Indicate brand and home country of the brand. A driver and codriver, and their nationality, have to be named. Lore is encouraged.

PM me the exported .car file:

Car model: 1991TREK-Username.
Car trim: Name of the car.
Engine family: 1991TREK-Username.
Engine variant: Engine name/code.

Deadline: 7th April 2019

List of Entries:

Number User Name Class Car Nationality Brand Pilot Nationality Co-pilot Nationality
101 Linkluke Buggy Goofer Industries MemeKart '91 USA Gianluca Moodini ITA Cheyenne ‘Big Momma’ Williams USA
102 Linkluke Buggy GemTrek RFX 1.4 '91 USA Jack Cookson FIN Herbert Yodel GBR
103 Niveon Buggy AUTOFAN Motorsport Benelux v.z.w. Brisinc Kabouter 1600cc '57 BEL Gerard Fountaine BEL Karel Denaerde NLD
104 DoctorNarfy Buggy Shromet Interval Group B '91 USA Jose Sanchez MEX Marc Guzmán MEX
105 DoctorNarfy Buggy Nohda Super Strato Confed '67 ('91 Turbo tuned) JPN Theodora Justinian GRC Joseph Biffle USA
106 Niveon Buggy Marisse Mille Miglia 1800S Crossroad 2R '55 BEL Thierry Janssen BEL Renard Liesieux BEL
107 gridghost Buggy Scarab Flare RX24 '90 SWE John Andersen SWE Eric Olson SWE
108 TheAlmightyTwingo Buggy Meijer Woestijnrat '91 NLD Geralt Bauer DEU Dieter Maler DEU
109 Caligo Buggy Jidosha Kogaku - Kanbinette I6(z) '91 JPN Aisha ‘Ace’ Iriguchi JPN Jeong Iseul KOR
110 Major_Marmite Buggy Saxon Autosport Ares TurboRally S6 '91 GBR Nigel Humes GBR Harry Reilly IRL
111 Rudzis Buggy Melki 150 '85 LVA Māris Vilks LVA Kaspars Ozols LVA
112 Rudzis Buggy Rautio Ilmatar Buggy '91 FIN Reino Linna FIN Tuomo Lehtonen FIN
113 SuperLemonade Buggy Alkaev Auto Industries El Buggo '91 USA Noah Møller DNK Mikhail Alkaev USA
114 GassTiresandOil Buggy Armor Valence '65 USA Rick Strauss USA Elliott Strauss USA
115 CMT Buggy CMT City II T91 AWD '91 DEU Hakko Kemppainen FIN Igor Bojaroff RUS
116 CMT Buggy CMT Kyalami GTR 4x4 '85 DEU Chantalle Bonnaire FRA Takeo Yamato JAP
117 STM316 Buggy Puttzalong 46 Inglese Rally GAT91 '90 ITA Max Greco LBY Pat Malone ITA
118 gridghost Buggy Scarab Cirrus RX24 '90 SWE Fredrika “Ika” Olsson SWE Daniel Lundbom SWE
119 jameseydude Buggy Voiture de rallye Team Vila '91 VUT Ahohako Bule VUT Benoit Boucher CAN
120 GassTiresandOil Buggy Armor AFX-4 '85 USA Doug Freitag USA John Stockton USA
121 DukeOFhazards Buggy Yotata F-class Micro Tourer '91 JPN Jari-Matti Harvetoula FIN Marsa Tarjous FIN
122 DukeOFhazards Buggy Yotata F-class Megumi '91 JPN Matt Prill GBR Robert Cleaver GBR
123 Alib Buggy Bramble Bolero Baja '91 GBR Oliver Townsend GBR Gustav Kristofferson SWE
124 Alib Buggy Bramble Jerboa '91 GBR Nigel Hughes GBR Sean Fallon IRL
125 Bf94387 Buggy Aura AR4 GAT E '91 ISL Olaf Norðmannsson ISL Handel Manderholf DEU
126 Bf94387 Buggy Aura BB4T GAT Spec '91 ISL Tjaldur Jórmunrekursson ISL Ingrid Olsen GRL
127 machalel Buggy Bechov A-Buggy '91 RUS Egor Andryukhin RUS Kostas Yartsev RUS
128 machalel Buggy Boccaccino – HYPR '91 ITA Antonio Ricci ITA Pierre Thomas FRA
129 yangx2 Buggy Huangdou CC-110RTB '91 CHN Lie Jie Chen CHN Bogdan Popov RUS
130 Turbofreak88884444 Buggy Solvent Manta '91 USA Joshua Ratiken USA Andrew Kelly USA
131 Turbofreak88884444 Buggy Solvent Mule '91 USA James Ratiken USA Joe Habenero USA
132 Jaimz Buggy FM Scorpion '91 GBR Lt. George Harcourt-Entwhistle GBR Autumn Marshall GBR
133 Mikonp7 Buggy Haapala Buggy '91 FIN Aabo Kujala FIN Märten Maki FIN
134 electroGG Buggy SW Vega '91 USA Alexander Krebs DEU Yoshigahara Totoya JPN
135 electroGG Buggy SW Virgo '91 USA Darko Mitrović YUG Vitomir Urošević YUG
501 Linkluke Offroad LLA Nequay Rally Spec '91 GBR Luke Prior GBR Fanz Benstein DEU
502 DoctorNarfy Offroad MEN Polski 1260X Urbvan '72 POL Enrica Oskara POL Kacper Wiśniewski POL
503 F12OM Offroad Nakamura Archos 2300 CrossX '91 JPN Taisho Tanaraka JPN Thomas M. Ranch AUS
504 Mad_Cat Offroad Petrov Metrocart '82 RUS Pertti Haapalainen FIN Jaana Korhonen FIN
505 TheAlmightyTwingo Offroad Meijer Type 1 '46 NLD Ferdinand van Oosten NLD Willem de Jong NLD
506 CMT Offroad CMT Canyonero LTO 30 V6 AWD Trek '87 DEU Walter Groehl DEU Fred Burnside USA
507 Rudzis Offroad Schwarzburg Felix '88 DEU Florian Eichel DEU Alessa Cardozo PRY
508 SuperLemonade Offroad Alkaev Trotter '91 USA Louis Lecuyer FRA Braden Burns IRL
509 gridghost Offroad Scarab Flare H24RX '90 SWE Tom Andersson SWE Anna Fredricks SWE
510 DukeOFhazards Offroad Yotata Culero Baja S '91 JPN Keiichi Katsuomoto JPN Ayako Ayane JPN
511 GassTiresandOil Offroad Armor Valence PanelWagon '68 USA Matt Madison USA Not communicated -
512 Bf94387 Offroad AURA BoBBy GAT Spec '91 ISL Tia “Krestnaya Matj” Byrchkyov RUS Lianna Varskovich RUS
513 machalel Offroad Bechov YI91 TREK '91 RUS Sasha Popova RUS Yuri Romanov RUS
514 STM316 Offroad G&W Sherwood - W29 4WD US '80 GBR Glen Campbell USA Reginald Dwight GBR
515 Turbofreak88884444 Offroad Solvent Greep '91 USA Hal Monroeu GBR Matthew Kelly USA
516 Crash77 Offroad ORA 420 GAT Spec '91 ROU Anton Muresanu ROU Virgil Dimitru ROU
517 Cocojoe Offroad Hwarang Yeomso 4x4(Cho Auto Arts) '91 KOR Jeong Song KOR Hwan Cho KOR
518 electroGG Offroad SW Urok '91 USA Sebastian Grant GBR Alexa Stevens GBR
519 strop Offroad Kimura Hana CX7 Dune Buster '91 JPN Suzanne Fox GBR Vincent Fox GBR
520 phale Offroad Inline Designs YJ-6T '91 USA Adam Scott USA Andrew Spearing USA
801 Madrias Truck Sinistra Mojave V6 Crew-Cab '85 USA Luke Sinistra USA Andrea Wright USA
802 F12OM Truck Martin-Wagner Outrunner XE V6 DAKAR '90 DEU Hans Schröder DEU Ernst Hartmann DEU
803 Niveon Truck KAZ Munitsipalitet 3.5L Crew Vehicle 4x4 '62 RUS Jan Dhoorman NLD Kelly Dhoorman NLD
804 Mad_Cat Truck Washington Panama '91 USA Michael Astley USA Janice Brown CAN
805 TheAlmightyTwingo Truck Meijer Dalton (USP) '91 USA Mary Greengarden USA Harold McMuffin CAN
806 Caligo Truck Jidosha Kogaku JHL-V '91 JPN Joel Watson USA Samuel Roy CAN
807 Rudzis Truck Schwarzburg Vanster '87 DEU Angus Wilson AUS Simon Freudenberg AUT
808 CMT Truck CMT Deliveroo 4300 “Poweroo” 4x4 Trek Edition '78 DEU Richard Mogawe ZWE Rainer Gellert DEU
809 gridghost Truck Scarab Boulder RX24 '90 SWE Carine Fredricks SWE Mats Stenson SWE
810 DukeOFhazards Truck Yotata Land Crusher SuperClass '91 JPN Norman Davidson USA Jesse Stutz USA
811 Alib Truck Bramble Wyvern B.12a '91 GBR Erik Franks DEU Alex Carrick GBR
812 Bf94387 Truck Aura Brawler GAT Spec '91 ISL Gustav Johanassen SWE Aaren Muller DEU
813 machalel Truck Bechov SX91 '91 RUS Alexi Sokolov RUS Maksim Ivanov RUS
814 yangx2 Truck Honghu 8x8 '90 CHN Baba Wang CHN Xiu Ying Zhang CHN
815 Turbofreak88884444 Truck Solvent Banshiee '91 USA James Jenton GBR Jason Henerasy USA
816 Mikonp7 Truck Haapala SupportVan '91 FIN Raik Palo FIN Silvo Wuori FIN
817 electroGG Truck SW Megrez '91 USA Matej Možina SVN Nik Likar SVN
818 Mythrin Truck Ceder Flete 2.1 TurboD '91 FRA Remy Pernet FRA Michel Mazet FRA

OOOooooohh boy!

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So I made a model lineup for the Bauer company up to 1985 (so far) so once I catch up to the 90’s and post a metric shit-ton of lore I look forward to adding my new BMW rip-off company to the mix!! :joy::joy:

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Not sure if I’ve got anything ready for this, but… I might try to come up with something. 1980’s design is what I’m good with, on a visual scale, but I don’t actually have any current 70’s to 90’s Sinistra coupes that aren’t the Sunbolt, and I’m not going to try this with a rear-engine, rear-wheel-drive sport coupe.

Does the Pontiac Trans Sport body counts as a van? :Thonk:


can you give me a more detailed definition of “offroad bodies”?

How are you going to make reliability a fair score without having any ET or PU limits surely everyone will go for max quality spam?

Edit: also could you define what is an off-road vehicle body because a wide range of cars entered the Paris Dakar and weren’t necessarily off-road vehicles but wouldn’t have fitted into the buggy category


if everyone spams then it is even again :LENNYTHINK:

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If you can make it look like truckish and get it over the weight limit, yes.

Jeeps. Offroaders. There aren’t any SUV bodies this early. So not Vans, Sedans, Coupes, Sport cars. I struggle to find a case where it’s doubtful.

It’s part of my challenges that people are quite free. There is the service cost part, which counters this. Power/speed is IMO not the way to go. And many other quality spam has limited relevance in Beam. I will make a disclaimer in the rules to cover myself here, and allow me to bounce back any submission over the top on this front.

Part of that realistic vehicle part includes the prohibition of quality spam with the singular aim to
greatly increase reliability or fuel economy. In general, though, you are free to adapt the
quality sliders. Keep in mind though, that I keep the right here to ask you to modify your
submission on a motivated but discretionary basis.

I know they are not buggies in the actual Paris-Dakar. But a tubular chassis with fiber glass body of a hatchback or sedan, e.g. Peugeot 205 or 405 Dakar, would fall under buggies for the purpose of this challenge.

Any limits on price, PU and ET? If not, why not?

is there any price limit?

I kind of answered that in the previous post. The question is more, why yes?

There are advantages to low service costs though.

Any limits are those within what is reasonable and realistic. I will discuss submissions with the user if I deem them unreasonable, and will always motivate why I think so in that particular case.

The challenge is to not go overboard despite the no limits. Based on testing, I cannot see anything gained by building a ridiculously expensive or complicated car.

Out of curiosity, which wheels were driving?

Oh, just an old export of one of my cars, actually one that I made based on the 1966 Great Archanean Trek, a 1965 PMI KG Baja. 4x4 chassis adaptation.


Might have to try something crazy with the new cab-over designs… But even if it may be a Sinistra, I will be adapting 4x4… At least, I think I will. It’s not quite against lore, just very… unusual. Of course, I could just stuff a V6 in there and spin the front tires, but I don’t think that’d make it very far.

are you gonna drive them in beam or will you do this challenge via Spreadsheeting?

As usual, Beam for the base times. But with spreadsheet modifiers.

Now, will extra tires, jerrycans, etc. account for anything?

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It’s a desert endurance race. I would prepare for one.


In my testing I have noticed that I get a small amount of wheel clipping through body when landing hard in beam, will this be ok?