1991 Super Production Challenge(closed, it died lol)

'ello! For some time I had wanted to make a competition for those cars you make for shits n giggles but turn out to be good and at a low cost, so, this is what I came up with: Super Production!
The Super Production class(S.P for short) is meant to be a fusion between Gr.A and Gr.B, taking some aspects of the laxed out rules of Gr.B and implementing them onto touring racing(thus, the Gr.A part), however, there’s a focus on cars that could realistically go on mass production even if costs are high and sales aren’t too well. And that’s where your company comes in!
As the CEO of (insert company) you have decided to submit one of your flagship cars to this competition in an attempt to gather more sales, after all, its good publicity. For that you’ll need to prepare one of your cars for it.
The rules are laid out in this sheet: S.P Road cars ruleset - Google Sheets
Mind 5 things however:

  1. These rules may change so be flexible with your car
  2. You are allowed to use advanced trim settings only for wheel offset
  3. Exceptions can be allowed as long as you fit within the general theme of the class
  4. Your car’s design will be judged by google form, so yeah, its in the people’s hands
  5. No invisible parts

I forgot to put this on the original post, rip.
Trim must be from 1991, however, model year can be as late as 1980(Body age is anything below '91)
Send it via my discord(As it is in the rules) and put the car’s name and a couple pictures for grading. If you want, put in some backstory too! It can save your car a couple scores and adds some history to it.
Car must be on the 4.27 Alpha version

nobody submitted anything so i’ll be closing this until further notice


This has definitely caught my attention, count me in :D.

Good to know! Hope you have fun while doing your car
(this reply reminded me of putting the submission details xd)

what if no discord?

you can send it via private message(which i just discovered this has) or send it here in this thread, just do mind the fact anyone will see it

quick question, do we have any kind of deadline, or?

Just to clarify, the 1.45x turbo multiplier states that turbo cars effectively have engines that are 1.45 times larger. Also, it states that standard geometry turbos are mandatory, but can we use boost control in place of a regular wastegate?

In addition, the requirement for no stress whatsoever means "no knocking, valve float, or RPM/torque-induced bottom-end stress) if I am not mistaken.

Moreover, I’m assuming that +2 seats do not count towards a car’s seat count - in that case, the minimum seating requirement refers to the number of full-sized seats.

One more thing: You stated that there will be power limits for every class, but the rules spreadsheet doesn’t show them yet, so please state those in due course.

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@ChemaTheMexican the deadline will be either for this week or the next, depends on how many show interest
@abg7 yes to both, the 1.45x multiplier means your engine will count as being 1.45x larger. No stress was more directed turbos and internal parts but indeed all of that is valid. And regarding seats, yes, you do need full seats in order for it to count, benches will not count towards your overall seat count though I might change that towards the lower classes, which gets me to the power limits - I’ll set them tomorrow alongside some final touches, I’ve been thinking of making ~400hp the limit for Gr.3 and from there adjust it towards other classes though I much more preferred to put the power limits in the race rules since for now there is no reason(for me at least) to worry much about it

Regarding the 2WD requirement, I take that to mean “FWD and RWD are both allowed; AWD and 4x4 aren’t”.

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Rules have been slightly updated, please check if your cars fit with the new ones. Also, has anyone been using anything above premium fuel? I didn’t mention it since, well, its 1991 so leaded fuel is either illegal or stupidly hard to find and E100(ethanol 100) is a mixture which at the time wasnt yet available

so if i understand the 1.45x turbo multiplier correct, max displacement for turbo gr4 is approx 1379 cc since 1379*1.45=1999.55 is that right?

those weights in kg?

Edit, how about this:

FMC Osprey 300GRX Homologation Special
Competes (we’ll see) in Gr2.
280HP out of a 3.0L V6. Perfect 50/50 weight distribution, neutral handling, stiff ride. 2:13.58 at ATT via AI Stig.


@mertl yeah, pretty much
@Lanson yes, the weight is in KG and interesting car, doesnt look very 90s in my opinion but its still good to see a first submission. Please do send me the .car file so I can check everything and you’ll officially be the first one

I know this cars are supposed to be street legal but i still wonder if this design works or not

Think if a dodge stealth, a mkiii supra, 300z, and an rx7 (the body) stepped in a cloning booth together in 1990, this is something you could get.

The new update completely levels turbos, so it doesn’t even make sense to cut them off at the knees anymore. Not on premium/super unleaded.

i dont know what you’re doing but XD.

i dont think it would be street legal, just do mind the fact tire sizes will be limited in the race car + you’ll be the one driving it. I didn’t bother to put them now because i didnt think we’d see a kamikaze

not sure about the rear end but its on you, and on the turbos, i’ve seen mages put out 400-500hp on a 1.4L in 89 and still make it very controllable which is why power limits are a thing

I’ve seen that before the last update, now the turbo map and all that stuff seems to nerf the turbos back to reality.

Wait a sec, you just said +you driving it. Is this an automation / Beam challenge?


for the 2nd part(race), yes, there’ll be 4 tracks and you got to drive on them, your average time is what counts though
if not enough people have it then we can do the race part solely in automation, wont change the core idea anyway