1992 Sports Truck Challenge [Finished]

mine is 100kg + heavier in beam :smiley: thx to all the fictures

Same, mine is 92 kg heavier, and its not even got an interior…

Would love to see your build :slight_smile:

Here it is: the 1992 Durendal Gladius X. Right around 220 hp out of a pushrod V8.

Admittedly I think it looks better in action.


UAZ Stalker Sport

“In the 80s UAZ developed a pickup version of the Simbir, the model received the designation 2760 and the name Stalker.
Powered by a newly designed ZMZ-405, an all-aluminium oversquare i4, it wasn’t slow, but the emerging market for “sport pickups” led the company to design a series of Vee engines.
The smallest, a V6 was put into a Stalker in 1992, to create the “Sport”, soon, in 1993, a more powerful version followed, and later, a V8”

UAZ recommends that you turn off ESC, and lock BOTH the diffs when racing with corners, but if you’re going to race on drag strips, don’t bother.


The Kava Grav-LRS is the ultimate truck for any occasion. Head to the hills to climb some rocks, then tow your buddies car to the track and keep up with them in a race.

For true sport mode, the rear diff should be locked, and traction control turned off for a real sport experience, on or off the road.

1992 Mara Bizon LWB 5.0i AMM

After having become Mara’s performance division in 1990, AMM’s early years were spent helping shape the new budding Archanan tuning market and understanding the local customer preferences. AMM also had to make due with the existing car models and ‘technology’ in Mara’s arsenal until the first all-new car and engine models would finish development later in the decade.

During these times, the easiest way for AMM to achieve a substantial performance increase was to shove the 5l Blyz V8 - originally of mid-1960s vintage and formerly strictly limited to interceptor models - into all Mara models where it would fit. This included the Kanyon/Reyndzher/Bizon family of short and long wheelbase SUVs and utility vehicles. In the process, the engine received fuel injection for the first time and was slightly detuned to better account for regular driving situations.

Jekyll & Hyde: A regular short wheelbase Bizon with a modest 2.5l I4 next to AMM’s take on the long-wheelbase (LWB) variant with more than twice the power

While AMM’s historic expertise with fibreglass - from when they were still known as Mayster - lent itself well to the making of bodykits, they luckily provided these offerings strictly as options for their performance products. AMM did apply, however, their expertise with suspension tuning - as well as their signature colour - to all of their performance products, including the Bizon AMM.

Due to its RWD drivetrain and low ride height, the AMM Bizon was more at home on tarmac than on gravel or dirt

Please note: I had to fix a bug in the car body (the inset ‘stripe’ around the sides does not change colour with the rest of the car) with dogtape, so the red base colour shows through in Beam around the ‘seams’ of this fix.

1992 ITA Malon V8


I settled on a proper ladder-frame truck (not a ute) but with a lower ride height, RWD, medium tires, and a 240bhp 5.7L OHV V8 pushing around just 1450kg - so it’s meant to be a sport truck, not a 4x4 hauler.

That’s a hefty V8. I used the same engine config but down to 4.5L getting 1 more hp. Weight is almost same as yours, but I think I didn’t do well with the transmission tunning.

1992 FIFTHWHEEL Camberta-S (Turbo I-6)

When you need to haul a trailer on Friday, and to approach excesses of highway speeds on a dirt road on Sunday.


1992 Wells TNT


OK, the Fifthweel is a bit meme-ish, but at the same time, pure art. :heart_eyes:

1992 OWL TS28
Fitted with 2.8L Turbo V6 producing 220hp coupled with 5 speed manual 4x4 transmission and weighs 1320kg.


Submissions are now closed! 1 more hour before the first day of racing will begin! Today we will do the quarter mile and the Utah Asphalt Hillclimb, tomorrow will be the race on the Automation Hillclimb 2.

Here are the contestants:

Bakerfield Caramote VSR by Tez:

Gigantor Americana by GenjeFT:

Kodai Nemesis Yari 1992 Ute by Costco:

Longley Titan 516ST by Imprezzive 555:

Plackart Commodore V8 by TCup:

Durendal Gladius X by Armor Motors:

Falcon T300 by Logoris:

Kava Grav LRS by Poli Viteko:

Mara Bizon LWB 5.0i AMM by AndiD:

UAZ Stalker Sport by Random41:

Fifthwheel Camberta S by Harmless:

Minkx Convoy Sport by AnimatedGaming12:

Bermag Tycoon STD JDM by Ryan93:

ITA Malon V8 by Prium:

Ursus 5.7 ST by abg7:

TMC Yamasee Cross Country 4x4 by Luke T Da Bawss:

Turana Truper ST4 by Traviq 125:

OWL TS28 by mertl:

Todoki FT-35X Endurance by ErenWithPizza:

Brown U150 Sport by Sedan57Chevy:

Delta Deliverance my MKMailler:

And these are the disqualified cars:

Aikawa Symbiosis Sport Utility 3.9 Intercooled by Yewnos100:

Reason: broke power/weight rule

Primarri Trekr by Matt P:

Reason: Drivability too low

Wells TNT by ducethetruth:

Reason: broke power/weight rule

The races will be streamed on my youtube channel, I’ll link the stream once it starts for those who are not yet on my discord. Good luck to all the contestants!


is that… an ok looking costco car? impossible!

The stream is live, day 1 of the competition is about to begin: 1992 Sports Truck Challenge Day 1 [Automation/BeamNG] - YouTube

Day 1 is over! We had the styling points, the quarter mile and the Utah Asphalt Hillclimb today. This is a very interesting competition because some cars did well on the quarter mile but not so well on Utah, and vice versa. Here are the results in the form of a spreadsheet:

This is not over yet, because a car being good on asphalt doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good on gravel too, which is what’s coming up tomorrow on the Automation Hillclimb 2.

For those who missed the stream, you can rewatch it here: 1992 Sports Truck Challenge Day 1 [Automation/BeamNG] - YouTube


Day 2 is live! 1992 Sports Truck Challenge Day 2 [Automation/BeamNG] - YouTube Today will bring the final decision on who wins the Sports Truck Challenge

Day 2 and thereby the final day of the competition is over! For those who missed the live stream, you can watch the VOD here with timestamps included: 1992 Sports Truck Challenge Day 2 [Automation/BeamNG] - YouTube

Congratulations to TCup for winning another challenge! Your truck was well-designed, fast on the quarter and excellent up the hillclimbs, both on tarmac and on gravel.

Here are the final standings on a spreadsheet: