1993 Honda Civic ESi

When i got this car it was stripped of most its parts, the previous owner left it in a underground parking garage without visiting it for 2 years, the car had a clutch problem thats why he left it there. he wanted to fix it but never got to it, and eventually forgot about the car.

bought it around jan and pics started around feb 2010

some pics and history of the “build”
the wheels are Azev A 16" cool rims might not be everyones taste but they are quite valuable.

we rolled it into the garage and started working on the interior as the engine parts weren’t bought yet. as we began the stripping (further then what was already stolen)

1 hour later.

we did some cleaning removed carpet and rear buckles and seats and some more shit wiring etc.

and for now 1 seat is going in until we find a good second seat.

it had a 250 euro DC Sports exhaust header which wasn’t stolen :confused:

then after a long time (i could only do this work on saturdays once every 2 weeks and sometimes not even then and money wasn’t always present

and then finally this years march i got it finished up for the road and ready to go

most recent pics of the car (still not finished tho)



Love how you focus on the Honda while there are endless classic Porsches in the background :wink:
It’s great that you restored it like that. Most people wouldn’t bother, if you hadn’t found it I’d say that car was due for an untimely death. Would’ve been a shame. But was it worth it? It must have cost more than buying a used Civic.

Sometimes the satisfaction is worth it even if the car costs way more than a replacement :slight_smile:

Great project :wink:
If you ever need civic part (interior or some exterior) give me a pm, i got a shed full of civic eg parts :stuck_out_tongue:.

And nice to see another dutch civic :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn you did a wonder to that car. Used to get older Civics in the shop, none of them looked as good as this… Except my coworkers, but he dumped money in on it for about 2 years.
Did the '93 have ABS? They didn’t over here. Could be real fun in the rain :slight_smile:

It’s really nice that someone brought back an EG Civic from such a state. It looks absolutely clean.

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