1997 toyota starlet sportif

i have owned this for about a year and a half but never posted it here:
registered feb 1997, about 69500 miles. it has a 74hp 1.3 4E-FE engine and a 5 speed manual gearbox
has a few mods, alloys from a corolla G6, JDM rear lights and clear front indicators
here it was before anything was done to it:

and now:

i have some paint correction to do on the passenger door after a rust repair and some TRD shocks and springs from a glanza to install at some point too


I guess you are one of the few people who could park a 90s Starlet next to a WRX STI and not feel embarrassed about it in the slightest.


At least he doesn’t have to worry about head gaskets or… rod knocks! :rofl:


Better yet, not worrying about removing the engine to get to the cylinder heads to replace em.


headgasket went recently :skull:
got it fixed and its back on the road


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I almost made a comment referring to my Corolla G6 with the 4E blowing two head gaskets in 30k, but I thought I best not jinx it…

Luckily this is only the 1st time its gone.
Im pretty sure it had gone before i bought it and was plugged with headgasket sealer, the coolant was an absolute state and no amount of flushing would fix it. Eventually it started overheating and drinking coolant so i got it sorted out

That’s exactly as mine was. Full of K seal, took ages to flush, the first gasket was damaged during install and lasted a couple of years. Took like 5-6 flushes to get the coolant to actually stay clear again by the time the 2nd head gasket was done.

My coolant is staying ok so far, been a few months. I didnt do the headgasket myself since i would just mess it up, so i took it to the garage and as far as i know it didn’t have any issues going on, fingers crossed it lasts a while


starlet still exists but i got a new car, to daily a 2005 BMW 118d M-sport

much better on fuel and surprisingly more reliable, i might do something interesting with the starlet now but it will probably just sit for ages until it rusts through