1998 Sports Sedan Challenge [Finished, results in]

The Plackart Admiral GT. A car you can crush backroads to in luxury, all while taking the kids for the ride too!


Beam is broken for me since the update :cry:

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On rules, Is that wing fixture not allow?

Screenshot 2021-12-07 005945

If wings are not allowed, that means we can only use lip or spoiler fixtures - but wouldn’t it make sense to ban spoilers as well, given that they were very rarely found one European super saloons?

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I thought Wings were the only downforce-making part in BeamNG. Not allowing them would make any visual aero bits completely useless. This rule bugs me a little, as I can 3D a wing to look like a lip spoiler and still have some effect.
Also, could you clarify the 255 rule abg7 asked about? Is it the max or average width between F and R wheels?
M5 came with 275 rear tires if I remember correctly.

Fixed it

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Tom can correct me on this but I believe its 255 absolute max with, not average max width. So you neither the front or back can be wider than 255. I believe this is more to encourage people to stick within realistic power levels.

And wings aren’t allowed for that exact reason, most aero on these cars were superficial, so we’re allowing superficial aero just to let people get sportier looking cars. But wings are banned because these cars wouldnt’ have had much or any downforce irl.


Wings are banned to get rid of downforce in beam, as these cars would have had very little if any irl. Spoilers and lips are allowed simply to make the cars look sportier.


So downforce not allow?

Indeed, because none of the cars in real life that inspire this challenge produce any meaningful amount of downforce. Not all cars have to be race cars :slight_smile:


I’m sorry, I think your browser glitched. All I got in that last post was gibberish… :wink:

All of the listed above cars have rear wheel widths which exceeds of 250mm. So don’t be surprised if you get something incomprehensible. If, however, you decided to set such a limit because of the Beam adaptation, in which the cars don’t want to turn, then your limitation becomes understandable.

Tom can correct me if I’m wrong here, and I hope I can post with some authority as a mod on Toms Discord server, but the 255mm rule and the no-wing rule is indeed to try and encourage cars that may perform similarly to irl cars within the confines of Automation and Beam, without setting harder more restrictive limits for power and other performance stats.

The relatively “skinny” tires mean people will hopefully be encouraged to stick to realistic power outputs and straightline performance, for the sake of drivablity and traction. And no wings ensures there isn’t an unrealistic amount of downforce in beam, but does give the option for people to make their cars more aesthetically “sporty”. I hope this clears things up :slight_smile:

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I also wanted to know, it was necessary to lower the body year, because I wanted to take the body from BMW 2009?
A lot of beautiful bodies are being missed out on because of this.

Actually, there are plenty of eligible 4-door bodies available by 1998 that can be made to look really good - the newest of these include the large Lancer body (with a 2.87m wheelbase). The Audi- and BMW-esque bodies (which unlock in 2007 and 2009, respectively) are much too new for this challenge, though.


The years set at 1998 so can’t use newer bodies than that sorry, it’s just how automation is set up. There are still plenty of good bodies to choose from though!

Slowly getting somewhere. I’ve got the body design done (not really happy with it, but I’ve already accepted that I’m getting a 3 at best for visual design), but I really have to tweak the suspension. Aggressive driving tends to cause… issues.

Edit: So, managed to stiffen up the suspension and not obliterate the comfort rating.

So, meet the newest contender for last place:

Yeah, I don’t like this body, but I’d have to go all the way back to the 80’s to find one I’m comfortable with.


I want to create something like a Mercedes e50, as life-like as possible. That is, the virtual model should be similar in its behaviour to a real car as possible. That’s why it’s very important to have a good suspension tuning for this purpose. I will probably make it as hard as possible.

Cold Steel.

Atmospheric SOHC 32 with 4942 cc, octane rating 95. Although 98 ron also can be used.
In terms of power unfortunately it didn’t catch up to the original cars I was strived, but it turned out fine as it was.
Acceleration was compiled 5.7 seconds.


Is no limit how much drivability or comfort? Very soon I finish that.

Yes there is. Minimum safety: 50
Minimum handling: 35
Minimum comfort: 30
Just because of the comfort points, I had to make a very soft suspension.