1999 bmw m5 e39

Here’s my best shot. I make the right amout of power at the right RPMs, but i make more torque than the original (though at the right RPMs as well). And since you can never have too much torque, that’s actually ok with me :slight_smile:
4.9L XP V8 BMW M5 E39Rev0.lua (44.3 KB)

Nice one! So far I’ve build the E34 straight six and the E92 V8. A nice collection of NA ///M engines is starting to form :smiley:
E92 4.0LRev0.lua (49.6 KB)
E34 3.8LRev0.lua (44 KB)

heres my go at S54B32, got the power right, but lacking a bit on torque

///M POWER <3
S54B32Rev0.lua (47.9 KB)