1999 Honda Civic EX "Flapjack" - My first car!

Hello everyone!

Today marks a historic moment in my life. Because today, I just got a hold of my first car. It’s nothing special, just a blue 1999 Honda Civic EX Automatic, but it’s special to me. I’ve named it Flapjack, because, well, why not? Here are some pictures.

[size=50]Yes, it has VTEC.[/size]

Failed artistic angle.

Congratulations! :smiley: A lot of people say that Honda’s suck. They’re wrong. Good choice on a car! :slight_smile: Maybe I should post my “Honda” in here.

Congratz on getting something that is not completely stupid as a first car.


Ah the better version of the Rover 45, excellent. Almost disappointed it’s not a Passat W8 though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats! And by the way, **every **first car is something special. :mrgreen:

I used to be one of them. :blush: But that opinion was based solely on the fact that they’re “me too” cars. Of course, now that I own one, they’re great! :laughing:

I prefer older Civics, but this one looks like it’s in decent shape. That being said, the Automatic Transmissions in this era Civic did tend to go bad, so keep an eye on that.

That rust looks bad. Interior looks like it’s in decent nick though, so that’s good. How much did you pay?


This one already has. The transmission does work, but not brilliantly.


I’m planning on getting the rust fixed next month. I paid $500 for the car.

Makes sense. All in all, not bad for a $500 car. Reminds me of my old truck in that way.

How much will it cost to fix that rust? And are you doing it yourself?

Not sure how much it’ll cost, but I am doing it myself.