2.0L i4 20V DOHC Turbo with 870HP


was just a little bit playing around in sandboxmode and finished with this hilarius monster.


2000ccm DOHC DI Turbo 20V Inline 4

870hp @ 9500rpm (Revlimiter @ 10k)
744Nm @ 7600rpm

For more stats and stuff check out the attached file.

I dont think that there is anyway of getting more power out of a 2.0L Engine :smiley:

2.0L 20V DOHC Turbo +++Rev1.lua (88.2 KB)

I have obtained 878 hp :smiley:

2.0l 20 Zaw. DOHC Turbo 878HPRev0.lua (89.9 KB)

UBER power lag! But once it kicks in!.. :astonished:

Hi! This isn’t exactly what you call relevant, but I squeezed 130 bhp out of a 393cc Inline 4. It’s quite astonishing really!

(Concept (High Power/Liter Ratio))
Displacement: 0.4L
Power: 130 bhp @ 8400
Torque: 90 lb ft @ 7300

I do realize that it’s not reliable (at all), but it’s pretty darn powerful!