2 new body types

when will the 90’s hatchback and the 60’s coupe be released, or is there something that i missed and they were already released

The next update (the one for placing engines in cars) will bring the total to at least 9 bodies, with a few more soon to follow.

Can’t wait - looking forward to more body types alone and the bonus, putting engines into them :slight_smile:

Oh dear, the next week or so is going to go veeeeeeeeery slooooooowly… Can’t wait!!

Think i must ask - will we be able to choose between various chassis?

Chassis layout and material, yes. Size no, this scales to the body you have selected.

And once more - how soon will come suspension settings?

In the update after the next :slight_smile: around the end of this year.

There should be more bodies for compact cars… Like Smart one (not THAT compact but)

Few more days buddy, hang in there.

How many body types do you hope to have in the final release?

The official answer is “as many as possible”. My guess is that it will be around 50 or more.

I know you said it was a guess but isn’t around 50 a bit low?
If the game runs from the 1940s to 2020 then it is only about 6 types per decade.
I’ve also assumed that figure does not include variants of a type like saloon, hatch, estate, etc.

Yes, that figure doesn’t include variants and yes, that figure might still be low. Remember that we have limited resources though, and these models do take quite a bit of time and money to put into the game!

Now I don’t know exactly what the devs have planned, but 50 body types is a lot. Killrob estimates that there will be 50 or more.

You have to consider, that may not include variants with slightly different bumpers and such for certain time periods. It likely does not include versions of the same design with different amounts of doors, or soft-top(if they are able to expend the effort to work those in, I don’t find it likely)

50 as a number doesn’t seem very high, but when you actually look at 50 things in one tab, that’s a ton of bodies. Not to mention the flexibility the current bodies have, you’re talking near endless combinations on the more modern body shapes that have drastic morph options(such as the 90’s coupe for example, you can make anything from Ferrari 599 rip-offs to modern muscle cars with just the current fixtures and a little bit of imagination!)

Think of it not as 50 bodies, but 50 base shapes for you to sculpt your machines from. And that aside, you don’t need 10 different types of hatchbacks(especially considering they’re mostly the same in terms of body lines) and you don’t need 6 different modern supercar bodies. To put this into perspective, think of a few archetypes of cars you’d actually want to see, and then count them up. You probably actually can’t think of that many without repeating!(Remember, this isn’t a automotive history simulator, it’s a tycoon. The devs most likely aren’t going to slave away to include things most probably don’t care about, such as a million reliant robin variants, or every obscure one-off concept car of the 40’s/50’s)

PS: Killrob ninja’d me.

That summarizes it pretty well, CNSpots1!